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Ten months of Stetson Ray! And these days when I look at him, I see a lot less of a baby and a lot more of a toddler. Somehow, we are just 2 months away from his first birthday. I will probably never get used to how fast this goes. And I cannot help but think I might only have 17 or so more years with him at home.

Stetson makes me so proud by all that he is accomplishing, and the milestones he is reaching. Obviously I don’t have much to compare him to right now, but man, it seems like he is just ahead of the game.

This month Stetson had 2 of his teeth pop through. They started showing a while ago, but I am just counting this month as his “first tooth” month considering it didn’t break through his gums until recently. Teething has been a little rough, but these seem to help him a little bit!

Stetson also is SO close to walking. He scoots around in his little walker thing like a champ. And he can push it on his feet too. I have a feeling we are not far off from a walking baby which is both exciting and terrifying!


Stetson’s Ten Months Milestones


  • He says mama & dada (not super consistently but he does it!)
  • He’s such a good sleeper! Sleeping all through the night and most of the time I just have to walk in there and lay him down, and walk out to get him to go to sleep. This makes me very happy!
  • Stetson is in Size 3 diapers
  • Has 2 bottom teeth popping through
  • Makes hilarious faces
  • Loves to be held upside down and play rough with his dad
  • Ms. Rachel is life


Planning Stetson’s First Birthday


I feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment. Yes that might be dramatic to say but I literally do feel like that. While so many people talk about planning their weddings (and so did I) one of the things I grew up excited about was planning my kids birthday parties.

My mom always went BIG for our parties and I plan to do the same. Well, for the most part.

The theme is Cowboy… shocking I know. With the main slogan being “How the west was ONE”. How cute is that? I put together another blog post with my party planning inspiration and decorations in case you want to snag any of these ideas! Check it out here!


Travel & Work Buddy


In ten months Stetson has gotten to join me on a few work days and fun travel days. Yes, I did say fun travel days. Even though it’s not always the easiest thing ever traveling with a baby, I still love getting to bring him along with us everywhere we go. And for the most part, Stetson does really good in the car.

Bringing him along on photoshoots is also challenging but the best. I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mama so that I would be able to bring my kiddos along with me for whatever I have to do. And this month, I got to really put this to the test. Sure, he has tagged along for some portrait and engagement sessions, but those are typically only about an hour long. But earlier this month, I brought him to a branding photoshoot with me which is a much longer day.

He was tagging along for about 5 hours and he crushed it!

I know I went into that day feeling totally overwhelmed wondering how he would do, but I was so happy when he was the most content little boy. Seriously it blew my mind. Plus, it was a great reminder than mamas really are superheros and can do so much with a baby on their hip!


Check Out Stetson’s Other Monthly Milestones:



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