Five Months Of Stetson Ray


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by sarah elrod

Five of the most incredible months of my entire life. Our baby boy Stetson Ray has been with us for almost half of a year. I now see why parents get so emotional at how fast time seems to fly by. I genuinely cannot keep it together when I look back on his photos and videos. My tiny little baby is growing like a weed and there is nothing I can do to stop him.

This month was probably the most exciting of all. It’s Christmas time and being able to share that experience as a mother is truly so magical. I cannot wait for next year and the years to come because it’s only going to keep getting more and more fun.

We got Stetson his first gun for Christmas, and I know that Tyler is pretty excited about it.

We also got to ring in the new year with our little baby boy being our midnight kiss. (Which was not the plan considering he should have been asleep). What can I say, that kid likes to party!

Stetson’s Latest Milestones

It seems like this past month, Stetson has really changed a bunch! The 3 and a half to four month mark was pretty challenging as he went through his sleep regression. Many days and nights I wanted to pull my hair out. But we made it through and now our little boy has really become just that. Our little boy. Every day it seems like he is turning more into a kid and not my baby anymore. Which is silly, I know but dang it feels like it sometimes!

Stetson can now roll over super well and it’s all he really likes to do. But we are still working on figuring out how to roll from our stomach to our back. He did it early on but has since then, refused to do it again. But we are total pros at going from our back to our stomach!

One of his new things he does (and my mama heart loves it) is falling asleep on my shoulder. I’ve tried really hard up until this point to not rock him totally to sleep every single night. But now he makes it so hard because he is super snuggly. Honestly though, I will take a bad habit and extra snuggles. Everything is temporary right?

Stetson also started eating solid food this month! So far we have tried green beans, carrots, bananas and apples. Bananas are not his favorite, but he is a big fan of carrots! I was shocked at how quickly he learned to use a spoon. Maybe it was a normal amount of time, but to me it seemed like he got the hang of it pretty quick!

Items We Can’t Live Without This Month

These Frozen Teethers: While he hasn’t started getting any actual teeth yet, our little guy is showing signs that they might be on their way. Lots of drooling, hands in the mouth and occasionally he is fussy over it. Maybe I am just overthinking it, who knows… but these frozen teethers do seem to help all of the above! Highly recommend!

This Snow Suit: We have has snow apocalypse this month and it’s getting so cold here in Nevada! Luckily Stetson’s grandma got him this bear suit for those extra chilly days. And can I just admit how absolutely adorable and silly he looks in it. Imagine the movie A Christmas story when the kid says “I can’t put my arms down”… that’s about what he looks like in it and it’s the best.

My new camera: As a professional photographer, I of course have my bigger more fancy cameras that I use all the time for work and photoshoots with my family. But for those in between moments where I want to bring a camera that is better than just a phone, but not as hefty as my professional cameras, this one works like a charm! I originally got it for vlogging for our Youtube channel, but I am stoked to use it for higher quality photos on the go as well!



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