i'm a small town, ranch livin' western photographer who helps everyday cowgirls step into their god given dreams!

i'm a wife to tyler, a lover of jesus and agriculture enthusiast!

my husband and i are working to become first generation cattle ranchers and are documenting our journey along the way.

i'm the host of the branded cowgirl podcast (a business podcast for rural women). i love chasing sunsets with my photography clients, and meaningful zoom calls with my students.

ready to dive into all things business education, photoshoot planning, ranching lifestyle and more? you are in the right place my friend!

hey there i'm Sarah!

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Feedlot Nutrition And Utilizing Social Media With Anna Kobza

Breaking down the industry standards between western fashion and women in agriculture. Anna Kobza does an amazing job at bridging the gap between 2 very different industries. She shares her education journey to becoming a consultant in the feedlot industry and what struggles has come with that as well as sharing the success she has found on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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