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by sarah elrod

As I sit here and type this, I am sitting at my desk with coffee in hand, looking at my baby monitor that has the sweetest little sleepy baby on it. It’s almost 8am and he has been asleep for almost 9 hours straight… a day I never thought would come even a month ago.

They aren’t kidding when they say the days are long but the months are short. And I cannot even imagine what the years are going to feel like. Just a few months ago I was in tears pacing my house in the middle of the night trying to soothe my crying baby.

These days, he is quite the little sleeper. And this little boy loves to laugh. Every day is my new favorite, and he just keeps getting more and more fun. But I do miss my tiny little newborn. Oh how he has changed so much so quick.

These are literally the days I have always dreamed about. And today, this handsome little guy turns four months old. Four months of being his mama Earth side and 4 months of getting to learn so many new things.

This past month I photographed my last wedding for 2022, Tyler had a softball tournament that was freezing! We hung out with lots of friends, and took Stetson on his first road trip to Washington for Thanksgiving. Which by the way, he did amazing on! Ten hours in the car and he took it like a champ!

Heading Into The Holidays

I feel like the first four months of Stetson’s life were so busy. Being that he was born towards the end of summer and heading into fall which tends to be my busiest season ever. There were many days where I was just surviving. Doing my best to pay attention to each fleeting moment, but really trying to keep my head above water as a new mom and business owner.

Now that we are heading into December and the Christmas season, I can honestly say I am so excited to be able to slow down and really enjoy each day with my baby. For my whole life, all I ever wanted was to be a mom, and for his first Christmas you better believe I am going all out.

Truthfully I haven’t even thought of any gifts for myself, because I really don’t care about that. I just want to start traditions with Stetson and see the magic of Christmas through his eyes. These are the days I have always dreamed of.

Things We Cannot Live Without

  1. Crunchy Books: Okay I think the proper term is crinkle books but I just got in the habit of saying crunchy and now it’s a thing. But seriously, Stetson loves these things and they keep him occupied for a pretty long time, including in his car seat which is a win for me! (If you have ever had a screaming baby in your backseat while you are driving alone then you know where I am coming from)
  2. This Youtube Video: I will admit, I was the person who declared no screen time prior to having a baby… but after a few meltdowns, I stumbled across this infant stimulation video and honestly it’s my go to to get Stetson to catch a breath when he is losing his mind. I never plant him in front of it for more than 10 minutes or so at a time. But it’s definitely been a game changer for getting his attention. There are a lot of similar videos online, but this one is his favorite by far.
  3. This Baby Carrier: I’ve tried the wraps and I do love them… but usually only around the house or for a contact nap.. I feel like the wraps don’t have much neck support and Stetson isn’t a big fan of being pressed up against me. Yeah, he’s definitely a baby that wants to see the world, not snuggle. (silent sobs)

Things I Want To Remember

Stetson’s four month milestones has included learning to roll from his stomach to his back all by himself. We are still working on going from his back to his stomach though. He has totally found his voice at this point and loves to use it. So much baby babbling and screeching. Basically it’s the cutest thing ever having a conversation with him.

We believe he has major FOMO as he literally hates missing out on anything. Facing out into the world is the only way he wants to be held. Standing, and using those leg muscles to kick aggressively are just a few of his favorite things.

And Daddy… he sure loves his Daddy.









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