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How is my baby Stetson already one month old? Talk about the fastest month of my entire life! I have decided to do a monthly recap of Stetson’s first year of life as a way to not only bring you along for all of these sweet memories, but also so this mama can look back on these fleeting moments.

They say that when you have kids, they grow up in the blink of an eye. Well I am only 1 month in and I already want to cry at how fast this is going.

Selfishly, I want him to stay small forever. But I am so excited for this little boy to grow up and see who he is going to become. Hopefully he will be a man just like his father. One that loves Jesus, and works hard, and loves his mama (of course!)

But in the meantime I am going to enjoy each moment of his life as he grows into the person he is meant to be. Without further adieu, here is what Stetson’s first month was like.

What Stetson Is Like

He may only be a month old, but our Stetson boy is slowly growing into his personality and I love getting to see all the little changes he is making. In the first couple of weeks he didn’t do a whole lot or interact with you. But now I am starting to see him actually making more eye contact with me and focus on things. He notices when his surroundings change and he follows things with his eyes.

He has finally grown into his newborn clothes. For the first 3 weeks the only thing that would fit him were premie outfits and diapers. He was 6 pounds, 2 oz when he was born and 5 pounds when we brought him home. So all of his clothes looked huge on him. We are still in newborn diapers but I think we are close to fitting into size 1.

Overall, I feel like he is really such an easy baby. We are feeding him every 4 hours and he pretty much lets us know he is hungry on the dot. Including at night which means we are getting about 4-6 hour chunks of sleep which is amazing.

And although it’s been an adjustment, I do not find myself being overly tired or exhausted throughout the day. He does get a little grumpy in the evenings around 6pm until about 10pm so we are working on getting through that. We like to call those times his “witching hour” because it happens basically every night when it’s time for bed.

What We Have Done

We have done so much in this little boys first month of life. We have gone out to dinner, went to a birthday party, taken him to Church and of course all the snuggles at home. He got to meet his horses and his dog and he even got a new ride (AKA mama got a new Tahoe to drive woohoo!)

Stetson loves being held but is also a big fan of laying in his Snuggle Me (a total lifesaver for when I need to get things done around the house). He also really likes to be worn but only for about an hour or so at a time. I have both the Moby Wrap and the Solly Wrap. I really like them both, but the Moby wrap does seem a bit thicker and slightly more snug.

He is also a big fan of bath time. We gave him his first bath just in the sink and we held him. But after that we have been using his bathtub and he is a big big fan of it.

My Body

Body talk is a weird concept… I always thought it was really weird when someone would comment on my figure as a pregnant person. Good or bad. Why do we feel like this is something okay to do? But regardless, I know there are some curious ones out there who may be dying to know if I have gotten my figure back in one month or not.

First, let me just say how amazed I am at my body and what is has been capable of doing these past 10 months. It blows my mind that someone like me with a small stature, can create and carry life inside of me for nearly a year. And that within a month of that baby being out of me, I have gotten almost completely back to my pre-pregnancy body.

I have been able to fit into some of my old jeans and shorts, and that feels good (even though I really miss my bump).

I am not quite back to my original weight yet, but I am only about 9 pounds away. Now let me end this with, if that is not your reality please do not compare. Every body is different and it doesn’t mean you are any better or worse off. You were able to grow a human being. That is incredible in itself.

Month One Summary

In the blink of an eye, our boy is one month old and has completely taken over our worlds in the best way possible. I already forgot what my days looked like without him and I never want to remember. He is the greatest blessing and miracle we could have asked for. I get teary eyed thinking back to the moment we found out we were pregnant. When he was just a little positive mark on a pregnancy test. That day is one that I will cherish forever especially now that he is here.

I will never not be amazed at how incredible God is and the work he does.



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