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by sarah elrod

We have officially landed in my final month of this pregnancy and to say I am both nervous and relieved would be an understatement.

Just last night I was laying awake in bed and it all really started to hit me. Basically any day now, we are no longer going to be just the 2 of us. And our world as we know it is going to change forever.

Those changes scare me but also bring me so much joy. I know that my entire life’s purpose is going to have new meaning. Heck, it already does! But I do also feel nervous about what our day to day might be like.

We are not super close to any family, and we don’t have childcare. Not that I really wanted it anyway, as I will be staying home with my babies but still.

I will say, I have been extremely blessed with this entire experience. I have not had any real issues and have not felt that uncomfortable. Maybe I am just one of those people who gets to walk away from this experience saying that they loved being pregnant, because really… I kinda do.

The feeling of those little kicks and hearing his heartbeat and just knowing my body is capable of growing another human being is truly such a miracle in itself.

So while we wrap up this final month and get all the last minute preparations put together, I want to take a moment to reflect on where I am at currently. Soaking in each step along the way.

Q: How Have You Been Feeling?

I am going to answer this in 2 parts, both physically and mentally.

Physically: I have felt pretty dang good other than some recent back pain and some discomfort when sitting at my desk for too long. Or basically sitting anywhere kinda sucks when you have a bowling ball in your stomach. My energy however has been really good, or at least I think. I do take the occasional nap here and there but never in the afternoons. It’s usually mid morning where I feel like I may need to rest my eyes a bit longer. After that, I am good to go for the remainder of the day.

Not sure if I have just been blessed, or if it’s my stubborn personality or maybe a little of both. The whole “woe is me” attitude has never been my thing. The idea of sitting on the couch all day doing nothing and having Tyler rub my feet actually sounds like the worst. #UnpopularOpinion I know.

It’s been really important to me to keep up with my daily routine as much as I can and to also stay as active as I can. While I am not perfect at this, I do feel like I have stuck to my word for the most part.

Mentally: Pregnancy emotions are a roller coaster ride for sure. The first trimester really messed with me, but in this last month of pregnancy I feel relatively normal aside from the sappy feelings that come up from time to time. The other day I wanted to cry when I saw Tyler come home with a pickup bed full of hay. I watched out the window as he unloaded it and got tears in my eyes because I just know he is going to be the best daddy and have so much to teach our little dude.

I am definitely getting more and more anxious for him to be here already.

Q: What Has This Pregnancy Taught You?

My biggest takeaway from this pregnancy is just how fast time really flies by. Not just for the pregnancy itself, but for life in general. It really does feel like yesterday when I saw that positive test. And now here I am writing this post, with little kicks in my tummy and a room full of baby stuff.

On my drive to my OBGYN appointment this morning I even started to think about how with my due date being August 8th, and how 4 years ago on August 6th was the day I met Tyler.

Which means there is a chance this little boy could be born on our dating/meeting anniversary. And wow… what a God thing that feels like.

So much has happened in 4 years. The first year of us dating, we moved across the country for each other like 4 times. In the second year, we got engaged. The third year was our wedding, and the fourth one we get to bring our first little baby into the world.

Time flies friends. It really does. My biggest piece of advice is to hold on to each and every moment because when I think back on these past 4 years and these past 9 months, I don’t know where it all went.

Q: What Is Your Birth Plan?

I am basically on the “no plan” plan. My only goal is to have the baby and I come out of this safe and healthy. I feel like that is all I can really ask for. There is a good chance I will be having a C-section if I take after my mom. And I am totally okay with that. But there is a part of me that thinks it would be really cool to have him naturally. Mostly because I have medical history and my body hasn’t always been considered to be the strongest ever. But these past couple years thanks to Crossfit and eating well, I have endured more than I ever thought possible. So having a natural birth would just be one more check to add to a list of things I never thought I would be able to do.

Q: Are You Taking Time Off Work?

Yes, but also no. I am lucky enough to work for myself and make my own schedule and really do whatever I want to bring in income. My work is my passion and also something I do to entertain myself. Seriously, when I am bored, I work because I enjoy it.

Of course I will be taking at least a few days off and just fully soaking in all the baby time I can. But I could see myself slowly easing back into things during nap times and such. But who knows! I am just kinda winging it and going to go based on how I feel.

It also helps having a rockstar of a husband who puts in so many hours at his job so that I have the ability to be this flexible. #SugarDaddyTyler for the win.

I will say though, even on the times that I am not actually working, you hopefully will not notice a big gap in my presence. I’m working so hard to get ahead on all my content so that you will not miss a post or an episode. That way while I am snuggling a cute baby, you are still being served the content you love!



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