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by sarah elrod

Pink Blush Maternity has changed the game for my pregnancy and I know it will for you too.

If you follow me on social media you have probably heard me talk about the company Pink Blush Maternity.

After finding out I was pregnant was when I stumbled across this brand because advertisements were popping up everywhere, so naturally I clicked. The whole website blew me away. Pink Blush has a huge variety of different styles and clothing options in general.

Not only are these dresses comfortable, but they are also affordable! Something any new mama to be can appreciate. You can call me a raving fan of this company from here on out. It’s the truth!

Check out all the dresses I am loving right now and make sure to use code MRSSARAHELROD25OFF to save yourself 25% on anything on their website!

01. The Mauve Plaid Square Neck Midi

Coming in hot with this adorable spring time dress. Easter would be the perfect occasion for this one. Or even an afternoon at church! The Mauve Midi Dress may just take the cake for being my all time favorite from Pink Blush Maternity. For so long I hesitated to order a puffy sleeve dress. However, took the risk regardless and so happy about it. This dress makes me feel cute as heck and it’s such a fun length for spring and summer!

Dress Link:

02. Ditsy Floral Smocked Off Shoulder Maternity Dress

This Blue Ditsy Floral Dress is another favorite of mine. Love the fit on this one and the off the shoulder element really makes it unique! Although, the color of mine is actually “Peach”. Unfortunately, it’s no longer on their website. Luckily though, the same dress comes in blue! Which is perfect if you are having a baby boy! This Pink Blush Maternity dress is another one that is high on my list. The long sleeves are so fun. Lots of baby shower potential with this dress.

Dress Link:

03. The Cream Square Neck Puff Sleeve

When looking at this dress, I envision wearing it barefoot and in a field. Little house on the prairie vibes? In a good way of course! Again, big hesitation on the puffy sleeves. For no reason though! How cute is this dress? It’s a little bit shorter but not too much! Comfortability is a 10/10! Dress it up or down for ay occasion!

Anyone else used to be a puffy sleeve hater but now is a fan? I might have to jump on that train with you!

Dress Link:

04. Taupe Sleeveless Ribbed Side Slit

For a long time, this dress was my favorite. When I first got this one, I wore it for a week straight. Not even kidding. It’s so dang comfortable. And it’s more fitted for days I want to show off my bump. The material is soft and stretchy. The slit makes it a little bit flirty. Not to mention the color goes with anything! Seriously, I want to order 200 of these dresses.

You could very easily wear this dress even when you are not pregnant too!

Dress Link:

05. Beige Sleeveless Ruched Fitted Dress

While it can be so easy to go over board on buying all the stylish dresses, I wanted to be realistic. Comfortability is key when pregnant. Especially on a day to day basis. So I made sure to grab a few simple styles that could be for everyday wear. This one is perfect for exactly that. Soft, stretchy, easy to just throw on and go. Just a few of my favorite things!

Dress Link:

06. The Green Ruffle Smocked Maternity Dress

Envision this. You are wearing a flower crown, cute sandals, and THIS dress. Can you see it? That’s exactly what I think of when I think of how to style any smocked dress. This green ruffle dress is absolutely precious. But whoops! Apparently I forgot to take photos of myself in this one. Don’t let that stop you from checking this one out though! Getting a green dress was important to me because my son’s color is a sage color. I love that this dress embodies that but it’s not too bright. Heavily considering wearing this one to a baby shower as well. If you are wanting simple and elegant, this dress is for you!

Something else I really like about the green ruffle dress is that it could be easily worn post pregnancy! We love when dresses are multipurpose am I right?

Dress Link:

Without Pink Blush Maternity dresses, my wardrobe would be a sad place. Pregnancy has been such a treat for many reasons. The saying “when you look good, you feel good” is so true. Mamas to be, if you are struggling to find clothing that does not suck, please check out the Pink Blush website. There is a little something for everyone. Maybe dresses aren’t your thing? No problem! They offer a wide variety of tops, jeans, shorts and so much more.

Pink Blush even has a non maternity section! Most of the styles are the same too! Which means you can grab most of these same dresses or similar ones even if you are not expecting!

Excitement is an understatement. Make sure to tag me on instagram and share which styles you got from this incredible brand! I cannot wait to see you in your new outfits mama!



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