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Stetson Ray, our son, made his arrival on July 31st 2022 at 4:54am. He was 6 pounds 2 oz and 19.5 inches of pure squish. We are so in love with him and so over the moon and I just cannot believe he is actually here. 

His birth story went nothing like I expected, but nonetheless he is here and he is healthy and that is really all I could ever ask for.

If you would like to hear the full story of how Stetson made his arrival into the world, check out episode 099 of the podcast or watch the video all linked above!

Labor Questions

Q: Hospital or Home Birth?

A: Hospital! Nothing against home births but it wasn’t something I was comfortable with for my first pregnancy. I was also considered high risk, so I wanted to make sure that we were in the best place should anything have gone wrong. And I ended up needing a C section so, it all worked out.

Q: Essentials to bring to the hospital for delivery & postpartum

A: I tried really hard not to overdo it with what I brought to the hospital. Plus they provide you with so much stuff that really all you NEED are a change of clothes for you and baby, some toiletries and that is about it. I brought a few outfits for me, including a cute going home one, but ended up just wearing sweats the whole time.

Q: Did you do an epidural?

A: Yes! And I can say that this was something I was a little nervous about but it ended up being a total breeze. But also, it was so wild because my contractions really didn’t hurt that bad. Truly I think my labor was a unicorn because other than the fact of needing a C section, it was so easy going and chill. Listen to the podcast episode or watch the video for the full story!

Q: I wanna know how terrible it is when they “massage” your belly afterwards

A: This was something I didn’t know they did and I still don’t really know why they do it. But honestly it wasn’t horrible, it just felt really weird.

Q: What did contractions feel like? 25 weeks pregnant over here and I’m nervous!

A: This is such a hard one to answer because there is no good way of explaining it. My best explanation would be that they feel like really hard period cramps, but even still, it’s not quite the same. I also experienced a lot of back labor (meaning I felt the contractions in my back more than in my stomach)

Postpartum Questions Answered

Q: I noticed you had your breasts wrapped in a photo… Did you have problems breastfeeding? No shame whatsoever, I am just curious! 

A: Personally I made the choice not to breast feed. This decision was not one that came easy to me and I really struggled with what to do because I was not super glued to one way or another. I have no regrets with my choice but I do think I may consider breast feeding with our next child.

Q: What questions did you have as you planned delivery? So much info out there it’s overwhelming!

A: There were no questions I had per say. I did not go into labor with any kind of birth plan. My only request was that me and baby came out happy and healthy. And that is exactly what happened.

New Mom Questions

Q: What’s your biggest advice?

A: Trust the people that are helping you deliver and have someone there to advocate for you. For me, this was my husband. He knew the things I wanted and didn’t want and had no problem speaking up for me if necessary. I also think it’s really important to just trust the process and know that even if you do end up having something like a C section, it doesn’t mean you are a failure or any less worthy of praise for giving birth. You are still a freaking rockstar for carrying a human for 9 months!

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in the next few months?

A: Just watching Stetson’s personality grow and to see what he is going to become. Also all the holidays coming up makes me really excited to know that we are going through this season with a little baby. Christmas as an adult is kinda boring, so I am really looking forward to having our little babe to spoil.

Q: What’s been the most unexpected, yet best part of motherhood?

A: Probably just how much you love this little person that you barely know. It’s such a cool feeling knowing you created life with the person you love most in this world and now you get to raise him together.

Q: How are you?

A: I have honestly never been better. Between the tiredness and just trying to figure it out parts, I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be. Stetson has been the best addition to our family and we are so over the moon in love with him.



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