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I truly cannot believe I am about to say this but, I’m Pregnant! It’s wild to think that in just a few short months we will be holding our sweet little baby for the first time. Our little miracle has already stolen our hearts and I never knew I could love something so much without even meeting it, but here we are.

And speaking of “it” in case you were wondering… our sweet little peanut is a bouncing baby boy due August 8th, 2022. The day I get to finally wrap him in my arms will forever change me.

Were We Trying To Get Pregnant?

The short answer is no. But also yes. Basically from the moment we got married Tyler and I have always said we weren’t going to “try” to get pregnant, but we weren’t not “not” trying. If that makes sense? However, I will say there came a point when we weren’t not trying to get pregnant. Sorry if that’s a little too PG-13 but I like to keep it real around here.

There was never really any discussion on it other than the occasional “what would happen if we got pregnant?” and we both decided that if God decided it was the right time, then who are we to stand in his way.

However I was not really expecting God to move so quickly LOL.

How I Found Out

I am basically the worst at being a girl and tracking my period. So I had not idea if I was late on my period or not. The first symptom I really noticed was my boobs getting bigger and also feeling extremely tender. I brushed it off for a while because I told myself there was no way I was pregnant this fast and that they were probably just period symptoms. But after another week went by, I started to question it more.

I went to the store one day to buy a pregnancy test, and literally could not find any so I never took one at that point. We were approaching a weekend where we were going to be traveling to Washington to visit Tyler’s family for a Christmas party and I still had no idea if I was pregnant or not. At the party I was SO hungry. I think I ate 4 plates of food and couldn’t stop craving pickles. At the time, I didn’t really notice these things, but the next day it really hit me.

We were out with his family when we decided it was probably best I buy a test and find out. So Tyler and his brother went and bought a 2 pack for me. At some point too when we were in the car I puked randomly and that was a big fat hint as well.

Somehow I Messed Up

The first test I tried to take was a digital test and apparently it’s possible to take those wrong because somehow I got an error screen on it. Frustrated and disappointed, we went back to Tyler’s parents house and I snuck into the bathroom with a plastic cup and peed in that instead. Taking the 2nd test, I dipped it in the cup and right before my eyes the plus sign appeared.

My jaw hit the floor. After staring at it for several minutes I immediately cried, then opened the bathroom door and showed Tyler the test. We hugged for a long time and it was just a really sweet moment together as I bawled my eyes out.

First Trimester Symptoms

  • Bloated
  • Nauseous 
  • Gagging vs. actual throwing up 
  • Stronger sense of smell at about 8 weeks and so on
  • Hate the smell/taste of my toothpaste and anything minty
  • I was really tired in the beginning not so much as time went on
  • Brain feels foggy
  • Out of breath
  • My skin has been pretty clear but that’s not totally abnormal for me either 
  • LOTS OF CRAVINGS in the beginning, and I was SO hungry – not so much now. My cravings are less and I do not eat quite as much as I was in the beginning because I kinda have just felt like blah
  • I gained like 7 pounds this trimester
  • I have been a little more emotional but I don’t feel like I have been crying a lot

My Mindset Going Into Pregnancy / My New Reality

A lot of people warned me about my body changing and how sad that can feel, which I thought I might feel but I can see my belly growing and I love it. It sucks that my jeans don’t really fit anymore but I love having a little belly. I have been trying so hard to maintain my health and stay active and so far I have been doing great at it. Hitting the gym a few times per week as well as eating good foods has really boosted my mental health.

Even though there are a lot of good days, don’t let that fool you. Being pregnant has been a huge reality check for me and that I need to be taking care of myself. That means I had to cut back on my work load and house chores got put on hold. Laundry and dishes piled up which made me feel like a useless wife. Luckily though, Tyler has been so encouraging and helpful through this whole process.

I completely cut out caffeine for the most part, and accepted that I will have shorter work days. My mornings start later than they used to and everything moves a lot slower for me. It was hard to get used to but I feel like I am adapting well.

I try hard to not give into my pregnancy cravings too much but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Carbs have been my best friend when it comes to nausea.

Overall this experience has been so holy and beautiful and I am loving ever minute of it. Getting to be a mom and watch my little baby boy grow each week is so fun and I love dreaming about who he will become someday.


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