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About Faith

Faith Hanan is a Copywriter, Content Strategist, barrel racer, wrangler of tiny humans, and champion of YOUR God-Given dreams. She loves to work with small business owners on crafting their messaging, website copy, and content strategy to consistently and clearly communicate the passion they have and attract the right customers. In her heart, she firmly believes that you deserve to feel confident in the words that represent you online, that your God-given dreams are worth pursuing, and that no day is complete without Bible time, coffee, horsehair, dog kisses, and baby slobbers.

Where Does Your Love For Communication Come From?

Faith jokes that she can make friends with a fence post. Communicating and being social are two God given traits that come very natural to her. Knowing this, she took the Clifton Strength Finders Test and realized her strengths are to command, compete, communicate, activate and believe. Even as a small child, Faith remembers being in her room holding an empty hairspray bottle pretending to sell it as a cure all cleaning solution. Clearly, she has a natural gift of marketing and communication that came together at a young age.

How Has Your Faith Been Part Of Your Business

In the most beautiful way, Faith explained that there is no separation between Jesus and her in any aspect of her life. Jesus is her everything and in order for her to live authentically, he is the center of all. Being both a Christian and business owner, Faith believes you should be going above and beyond to serve people because you represent Christ.

What Does Copy Mean? And What Is The Role Of A CopyWriter?

Copy is just a fancy term for the words used to sell something. Whereas, a copywriter is someone who writes those words on your website. This looks like sales pages, email sequences, and so on. There is a difference between your copy and your content, but the approach to both strategies is relatively the same. Your content is things like blog posts that are used more to educate your customers. It is important to have a clear message on your website of who you are and what you sell. Without this, your customers are going to be lost. As a result, they may choose to not work with you. It’s so important to go in with the end result already in mind so that you are able to make it crystal clear how you can solve their problems.

Are there common things people struggle with

Most business owners want their copy to be cute and clever and talk about the feel good things or talk about themselves. It can be easy to fall into this trap. But it’s so important to make sure your website focuses more on the customer and how you solve their problems.

There is a thin line to walk though. As someone who is building a brand, you do want to be sharing things about yourself. However you cannot make it all about you either. It’s ok to talk about yourself in a way that helps your client. For example: Faith goes on to say that her client base doesn’t really care about her barrel racing history. That is unless it somehow helps her communicate what she can do for your brand.

There is so much messaging in the world we live in. It has become crucial to get straight to the point or else your message may fall through the cracks. Society as a whole has a much shorter attention span. You really only have a few seconds to leave a good first impression. Get rid of the fluff.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can never share about your dog or your coffee order, but you do not want to lead with that. Do not waste those few valuable seconds of someone’s first impression but telling them a random fact they don’t care about. As someone gets to know you and the relationship builds, then you can start to weave in little bits of your personal life.

Faith says she personally uses a content creation template that serves as a good reminder for her copy on everything she creates, types, or posts. The template asks questions like, “how does this help them” or “what will my ideal customer gain from this piece of content?” It’s a simple tweak, but it can make a huge difference.

How To Improve Your Content

Website Copy:

The number one tip to improve your website copy is to make everything customer focused. Get really clear, and cut the cute. Faith says she often thinks of the Donald Miller quote, “If you confuse you lose”.

Content Strategy:

  • Think big picture and then break everything down from there
  • Instagram has a really short shelf life so start with something like a blog or youtube channel
  • Break down the larger, longer content into smaller chunks and then use that for your instagram captions
  • Have content pillars as a way to break up your content so you are not selling all the time

Everything you post, including your content pillars should revolve around your “why”. Continue to answer the question of why you are in business. Think about things that make you unique.

Faith used my own life story as an example of how I was not born into the western industry and I had to fight my way into this space. That allows me to connect with people who are in the same boat or a similar one. Certain types of people are going to be able to connect with me better because of this. While other people may distance themselves because of this. And both are okay. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Storytelling is a really powerful tool in marketing. As you build those connections, people are going to be drawn to the stories you have to share and how it impacts your business.

Tips For Communicating Well On Social Media

Faith is a pro at communications and she carries herself so confidently that I was dying to know what her tips were for showing up more confidently on social media. And her response truly blew me out of the water. She said that insecurities are a lack of being rooted in your identity in Christ. When you know who you are to Jesus, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. The only person who’s opinion matters, has already given his biggest sacrifice for you. So it does not matter what anyone else thinks.


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