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Having a solid brand strategy is crucial for growth on social media platforms but also to be able to grow your business financially. I had the opportunity to sit down with and expert on this topic, my new friend Sonia, and discuss what it takes to create a brand foundation. This conversation will not only leave you feeling inspired but also will leave you with a smile on your face because of the bright light that Sonia is.

Sonia’s Story

Sonia is the founder and CEO of Wildly Creating. She runs a web and brand design agency where we are passionate about creating, designing, and developing strategy-infused brands for high-performing entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world and are not afraid to go big!

Sonia began her career as an entrepreneur as a web designer and transitioned into branding strategy. She got started in her career when she was traveling in Australia and even in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic decided to take the leap and begin her business.

She considers herself a nomad who enjoys van life and getting to live in the great outdoors. Working online became a priority to her so that she could continue to live the lifestyle she loved, live remotely while also bringing in income. Sonia had a friend recommend that she take on virtual assistant jobs, which she did for a while but didn’t really enjoy too much. From there, she started deigning websites for other people and that pushed her into her true calling.

Currently, Sonia is transitioning into becoming a brand mentor and helping other businesses find success in a variety of marketing strategies and tactics.

Finding Success With Your Brand

One of the biggest ways to know if you are finding success in your brand strategy is whether or not your client is happy. The results do not lie, and if you have happy customers, then you are likely doing something right.

A lot of people fall into the social media trap where they feel like they need to stick to a certain script or rule. That’s where Sonia comes in. She helps business owners think outside of the box and create a brand strategy that works for them and makes them feel fulfilled vs. just trying to keep up with everyone else.

What Is Step 1 To Creating A Brand Strategy?

You need to decide what you want to actually build for a business but also a life. When your business goals and life goals are aligned, failure is not a possibility. Having this type of mindset is going to be so important to finding success because as an entrepreneur your business is more than just a job, it’s a major part of how you live your life.

Getting To Know Your Competitors

It’s natural to feel intimidated by the competitors in your industry. But that doesn’t mean you cannot work together or be civil. Having a healthy relationship with competitors can really help your own brand grow. It can also lead to other networking opportunities. Just because they may be considered your competition does not mean you have to run your business the same way.

Struggling With Jealousy

  • Understand if you are having a bad mental health day
  • Investigate why you feel the way you feel
  • Communicate with the people you are feeling jealous of and see if they have advice to offer you

If you struggle with toxic feelings when scrolling down social media, try muting accounts that make you feel anything less than joy or inspired. Creating a mood board can also be helpful. Use your mood board as a reference anytime you create a new piece of content to make sure it aligns with your brand.

Using Pinterest To Grow Your Business

Having a Pinterest strategy takes away all the issues that Instagram has as far as the algorithm, engagement, and building relationships. All you really need to do to have a Pinterest strategy is share the work you have already created.

Pinterest has a much longer shelf life than Instagram. A pin you create can still be bringing in traffic months, even years later. Use hashtags, key words, and interesting imagery to have your pins rank higher in search results.

Is A Brand Strategy More Important Than Brand Visuals?

The truth is, you are eventually going to need both a brand strategy and solid brand visuals to live up to your full potential. But in the beginning of just starting your business, the strategy is going to play a bigger role. That may feel a little backwards since most new businesses want to immediately dive into the “pretty” parts of the business. But having a great logo does not guarantee business. Whereas having a marketing strategy definitely could.

Should You Have Separate Instagram Accounts?

Deciding whether or not you should have multiple social media platforms for your different brands really depends on what your niche is and also what your overall business is. There is an entire episode I did on this exact topic that would be really helpful if you want to dive into more detail about this. You can check out that post by clicking here!


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