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Are you using Pinterest for your business? No?? Well, today is a dang good day to start! Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling through the pretty photos, delicious recipes, inspiring quotes, and dreamy home decor on Pinterest? Or maybe if you are anything like me, you had your entire wedding planned out on a board when you were 16. Cause same.

Pinterest has been around for a while now, but one thing is for certain… so many people underestimate the power of this amazing site. Especially business owners. Over the years I have become obsessed with this platform! Not only as a way to daydream but to also promote my business and offers!

I’m going to take a guess. If you are listening to this episode, I am going to assume you are not using Pinterest in your business. Better yet, I am going to assume you don’t even know where to start. You probably have never created a pin and posted it onto Pinterest before, right? And you have no idea how this app is supposed to help you since you have been using the same account for 10 years starting boards called “future babies”.

Today I am going to be walking you through exactly how you can start using Pinterest as a part of your marketing strategy and as a means to get more eyes on your content.

Pinterest Is A Search Engine

Did you know that Pinterest is not social media? Nope! It’s actually a search engine! Consumers use Pinterest in a lot of the same ways that they would use Google.

You don’t go onto Pinterest to get comments and likes on a post, but you do go onto Pinterest to search for home decor with green painted walls. Imagine trying to do that on Instagram!

Pinterest is such a great tool to boost SEO. Think about it, you can have a pin for every page on your website or every piece of content that you publish to your site and have pins linking to it. This means every time someone clicks on one of those pins, they will be taken directly to YOUR website!

Think about the user habits of people on Pinterest. This search engine platform is more of a discovery form of purchasing instead of being so direct. For example, someone going onto amazon probably knows exactly what they are looking for and wanting to buy. But on Pinterest, someone is just typing in key words trying to figure out what it is that they need.

With that in mind, we can alter our marketing strategy to be this incredible resource for our potential clients looking to solve a pain point on Pinterest.

Repurpose Your Content

The good news is, incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy does not mean you need to be creating more content. Phew! Pinterest is a platform where you are able to re-purpose the content you have already created by linking straight to it for people to find.

Any graphics you are already using in your business should be getting reposted onto Pinterest. If you post a cute quote graphic on your Instagram, take 1 extra minute to post the same image onto Pinterest with a link directing back to your Instagram account.

Same goes for Blog post graphics and images! Yeah, I am talking to you photographers!

If you create a graphic for your blog or add and image onto a post, why not share it on Pinterest with a link to that particular blog post? The more places you post something the more potential eyes will see it!

My personal favorite app to create graphics is!

Search For Key Words

Another way of using Pinterest for your content plan is through key words. Just like on other platforms, it is important to be researching key words our audiences may be searching for. And what better place to do this on other than Pinterest?

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you can actually begin to type in key words into the search bar that you think your ideal client may be looking for. Pinterest will then offer other suggestions related to that Key word. These suggestions are things you can also begin to incorporate into your copy and marketing strategies.

If you are a wedding photographer you can type in “wedding photography” and other suggestions may appear such as:

  • wedding photography ideas
  • wedding photography inspiration
  • wedding photographer questions to ask
  • wedding photography tips

If you are a western fashion influencer you may type in “western fashion” and the suggestion could be:

  • western fashion outfit idea
  • western fashion shop
  • western fashion boutique
  • western fashion styles
  • western fashion trends
  • western fashion on a budget

Keep in mind that these key words can be trending and changing constantly so it’s a good idea to be researching new key words on a regular basis. That way you always have new relevant content to share!

Automate Automate Automate!

You know I love anything that can be automated in my business and Pinterest is no different! I like to dedicate just one day a week to my Pinterest strategy. (And it only takes about an hour or so!) I like to go through and review every single piece of content that was posted that week and re-share it on to Pinterest.

But better yet, I can go through at the same time as when I am scheduling out Blog posts and Instagram posts and schedule the correlating Pinterest post to go up. This allows me to make sure I have new pins being posted every single day and to stay consistent. After a few days of consistent pinning and strategic key word usage, I can promise you will start to see your monthly views go up!

If you don’t feel like adding one more thing onto your plate, that’s okay! You can always use something like Tailwind! A Pinterest powerhouse tool that schedules all your pins for you and boosts your views on each pin. Pretty nifty right?


If you want to get ahead of the game and check out Pinterest trends you can check them out here. They are posted every year and can be super helpful for your Pinterest strategy!

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