An Open Letter: The Evening Before My Wedding Day


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by sarah elrod

If you are reading this then my wedding day has already passed. But as I am writing this, in real time, today is September 3rd, 2021. The day before I get married.

A truly surreal thing to say out loud. It has felt like such a long time coming and now we are actually here. Tomorrow I will put on a dress that I bought 9 months ago and I will walk down the aisle escorted by my father just like I have always dreamed.

I’m still not totally sure how I am going to hold it together.

My body is full of chills just thinking about that moment. We have been planning this wedding for just under a year but let’s be honest, I have been planning my wedding day since I was a little girl.

Most nights as a child I would lay in bed and talk to God about everything under the sun. We would laugh as I would tell him about the friends I made or the crushes I had. I would cry and the Lord would wrap me in his arms as I weeped over those same friends that betrayed me. He would give me comfort through my heaviest heartbreaks when I thought I had found the one and lost him.

Those memories are so sweet to me now as an adult because it’s proof that God’s plan has been right in front of me all this time.

Man, all the boys I cried over. It seems silly now. The times when my heart felt so heavy I swore you could die from a broken heart. The truth I know now is, I have not only found the one I love the most, but that every other heartbreak I experienced would be nothing compared to the one I would have with him.

I used to journal a lot and make up these little stories and poems. Sitting there in the dim lights at 3am wondering what my life was going to unfold to be. Groundbreaking right? A teenager feeling lost and confused? Didn’t we all?

A lot of girls will say that they have spent their whole life thinking about their wedding day. We all created Pinterest boards in high school and swore those tacky colors we chose back then would look good in 15 years.

Didn’t that all just happen yesterday? How did we end up here so fast?

For My Parents

Mom and Dad,

I cannot believe in the morning, we are all going to be waking up on my wedding day. How did we get here?

Between you guys and Tyler’s parents there are a lot of years of love and staying together through it all. I know it probably was not always easy but I know it was worth it. No matter what obstacles are thrown in my way, please always know that you have given me the strength that I need to get through anything.

I know you spent a lot of time praying over me and I want you to know how much I felt those prayers and continue to feel them today.

Lord knows I was not always easy on you. I pushed the limits every day in some wild attempt for freedom. Thank you for always giving me my space, and allowing me to make the mistakes that I needed to make. I am better because of it.

You showed me what I wanted in a man. The kind of person I needed in my life to support me, and hold me up when I am down but also someone who will push me to be my very best. A real man.

He is so holy and wonderful. Kind but strong. A man who loves Jesus with everything he is. The man who will lead our family closer to the Lord everyday.

My hope is that he is everything you could ever want for me.

“They say love is a journey. I promise that I will never leave. And when it’s too heavy to carry, remember this moment with me” – I get to love you by Ruelle

For The Man I Am About To Marry

Since day one, you have taken my breath away. I always think back to that airport where my hands were visibly shaking but you were so still. You were so kind and gentle. Putting my whole world at ease in a matter of seconds. Let’s hope you still have that affect on me because I am nervous to walk down that aisle! But this one thing I know. Once I lock eyes with you, I am never going to want to look away. Walking towards you about to become your wife will be one of the greatest things I ever do.

No words could ever describe what this day will mean to me. I’ve tried again and again but some things are not meant to be said. They are just meant to be felt. And I am feeling it so hard.

Tyler Ellis you are absolutely the greatest thing to ever happen to me. You are the final chapter to so many ones before that ended in confusion.

Every broken step, every tiny decision is what led us to this very moment. Life is all about choices and all I know is that I am so glad my choices led me to you.

We have so much goodness ahead of us and so many people that love on us. This is an ending of an era for me but the start of something so much more grand. I’m ready to start my life as your wife.

I have waited my whole life to make a guy like you my Husband. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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