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Lauren is a 23 year old entrepreneur from Michigan. She is the owner of Cattle Haus a Western Lifestyle Brand specializing in affordable trends. Lauren says she always wanted to be business owner but wasn’t sure how to go about it. She knew she wanted to do something fulfilling and creative that allowed her the freedom to be a stay at home mom one day.

The Story Behind Cattle Haus

Cattle Haus began as a blog and grew into what it is now. The name Cattle Haus comes from Lauren’s love for cows and “Haus” is “Home” in German and Lauren is of German decent.

Lauren says she has really enjoyed the networking aspect of owning her business not only in a business sense but also just the connections she has made on social media. There are challenges that come with owning a boutique as there are plenty of other people out there doing the exact same thing. However Lauren says that she has been able to find a group of fellow boutique owners that are really supportive and encouraging.

Her biggest struggle has been making certain business decisions. Things like whether or not to only sell clothing she loves or if she should expand into selling other kinds of things as well that are out of her comfort zone.

The Ever Evolving Western Fashion Industry

Western fashion has shifted a lot in the past couple of years and has really taken on styles from high fashion industries. You can now find cowboy boots and cowboy hats in stores that normally would not carry them. Lauren says that it has been interesting to watch the styles grow and the types of people that are now leaning into the western fashion industry.

A lot of the trends right now are bringing back classic looks. But there are also very different and unique looks going on. Western meets high fashion has been an interesting line for a lot of boutique owners because it is outside of what we normally would think of as western fashion.

The NFR really is a good indicator of what is currently trending in the fashion industry as you can see the top influencers and brands showcasing many different types of looks and styles.

Lauren has really put a focus into her brand to be known as contemporary western fashion. Her clothing is something that anyone can wear. No matter your size, color, style, occupation, etc. She said she saw a gap in the industry and really wanted to create something to promote inclusiveness.

Coping With Comparison

I asked Lauren if she ever finds herself struggling with comparison or if she feels like she needs to be keeping up with what everyone else is doing. She told me that she pours into her business straight from her heart so she never really has the eyes to look around and see what others are doing. Her business only runs on the things that she feels passionate about which has helped her find much success in the industry.

The biggest set back for many people is the fear to get started. Boutique owners will never achieve their goals if they let fear stand in their way and do not take action. A huge help for growing Cattle Haus has been social media. Lauren says that developing relationships with influencers has helped her grow a lot. Having models wearing her clothing and representing her brand boosts sales. Recognizable faces easily attract others to what you are doing.

Another note Lauren makes is how important it is to engage with your followers. She takes time every day to sit down and respond to comments, Dm’s and so on. Showing people that a real human being is behind the screen. Real connection can lead people to purchase more freely.

A Peek Inside Cattle Haus Operations

Cattle Haus sells a variety of items from many different vendors as well as their own custom apparel. The items from other vendors are the same items you might see at marketplaces and in other boutiques. Whereas Cattle Haus apparel is only found currently at Cattle Haus.

Lauren said that she actually has noticed her Cattle Haus apparel being more popular amongst her customers than other items she sells.

Th process of which Lauren selects items for her shop is pretty simple. She only chooses to sell things that she would actually wear herself. Lauren says she wouldn’t want to sell something she really doesn’t like, but occasionally she will sell some trendy items that she knows are popular.

Something Lauren has to learn about getting started into this business was how overwhelming it can be going to market to buy your products and not knowing where to even really begin. You have to walk a process of trial and error and see what customers take to and what they don’t.

Where Do You Want To Go From Here?

Lauren hopes to one day be able to open up a brick and mortar business and offer an in person experience for her Cattle Haus customers. She would love to have a place that people can come see the clothes before they buy and have the opportunity to try things on and see the pieces up close.

Beyond that she could see expanding to multiple locations in different states all over the country. And who knows where it could take her from there! This girl is a big dreamer y’all!


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