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You asked and we delivered. On today’s episode I have brought on everyone’s favorite guy, Tyler (my Fiancé) for this special Valentine’s Day Q+A episode. We are answering questions given to us by you! So sit back, relax, and get ready to crack up with us!

A Few Fun Facts About Tyler:

  • He played baseball for most of his life. Starting out as a kid and even professionally for a while
  • Tyler is seven years older than me
  • He moved a lot and has been to a bunch of countries
  • Tyler is a Christian
  • His dream job would be a cattle rancher (he lived in Montana for 5 years and was chasing this dream before he met me)

Question 1

Question: Is it too soon to start talking babies?

Tyler: “Ummmm no I don’t think so. I’m getting old. I would like to have a kid before I turn 80”

Sarah: “We are not in any rush to start popping out children but we are kinda just gonna see what happens”

Question 2

Question: What are each of you most excited about for the wedding day?

Tyler: “Getting it over with LOL… Just kidding. I cannot wait to see you on the wedding day and have all our family and friends together”

Sarah: “Getting married to Tyler and moving forward with our lives. And also getting to wear the prettiest dress I have ever worn”

Question 3

Question: How are was it to leave the state together?

Tyler: “Not hard at all, I would do it right now all over again”

Sarah: “It was harder for me when I had to leave CA to go to North Dakota but I was ready for that big change in my life”

Question 4

Question: How many kids do each of you want?

Tyler: “I want as many as Sarah wants as long as we can afford them”

Sarah: “I always say that I want 4 or 5 but I will let you know after the 1st one”

Question 5

Question: Did Sarah give you any ideas of how she wanted to be proposed to?

Tyler: “If you did, I didn’t remember it. I knew immediately how I wanted to do it. I knew from years ago. I knew the moment I met you in the Billings Montana Airport I wanted to marry you”

Sarah: “We never really talked about how he would propose too much, I just knew that I wanted it to be photographed which he did do”

Question 6

Question: How did you know what ring to get her?

Tyler: “I had her pick it out because there is no way I was going to spend all that money and just guess what she would have liked”

Sarah: “We looked for a few months and I knew it was coming eventually but he didn’t buy the ring the day we went so I was out of the loop for when or how he would do it”

Question 7

Question: Were there any times during the period of having the ring that you almost proposed in the moment spontaneously?

Tyler: “No. I knew how I wanted to do it, and I didn’t just carry it around in my pocket”

Question 8

Question: Biggest pet peeve the other one does?

Tyler: “No comment”

Sarah: “Tyler is very logical and any time we disagree about something he is very calm and factual and I get way more emotional and it drives me crazy”

Question 9

Question: Anything that either of you want to do for the wedding but the other is like “absolutely not”

Tyler: “Let’s just go to the courthouse HA!”

Sarah: “I’m pretty much open to anything and Tyler is super against being the center of attention”

Question 10

Question: Is Tyler as extroverted as Sarah?

Tyler: “No”

Sarah: “No but I will say that Tyler is better about being social when it comes to having one on one conversations with people he just met and that’s harder for me, but I am more willing to be on stage and perform or be silly”

Question 11

Question: Does Tyler wake up as early as Sarah?

Tyler: “Yeah. My alarm goes off at 3:30am. If I don’t wake up by 4am I will be late. I need time to go to the gym before work. But that also means I go to bed at 8pm”

Sarah: “I started to wake up early because of Tyler. When we lived in North Dakota I made sure to put myself on his sleeping schedule so we could spend more time together”

Question 12

Question: What kind of wedding ring does Tyler want?

Tyler: “I am actually trying to make my own because I don’t want to pay for one since I will be wearing a silicone one most of the time anyway”

Sarah: “Yeah I am trying to convince him to just buy a cheap metal one but we will keep you updated on how that goes”

Question 13

Question: Favorite quirk about each other?

Tyler: “Sarah’s nose whistle”

Sarah: “I love how randomly hilarious Tyler is. He is pretty mellow in general, but sometimes he will just randomly burst into song and I think it’s so funny”

Question 14

Question: Did you guys go to college? How had it helped you succeed if so / not?

Tyler: “I have enough college credits to be a doctor but no degree. I don’t think for my line of work it would have benefitted me anyway”

Sarah: “I went to two different community colleges, I have an associates degree in Photography and then went to college for equine studies to become a professional horse trainer”

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