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A huge problem I hear from a lot of my own students and other entrepreneurs is that they struggle with staying consistent on social media. We are all very busy people, some of us have full time jobs outside of our business, some of us are stay at home moms, or college students or just trying to have some kind of work/life balance. And when things get crazy, we tend to let things fall off the wagon.

If that sounds like you and you are having a hard time continuing to show up on social media or remembering to post, or even if you struggle with consistency in other parts of your business and life, these tips could help you too! 

Alright, without further ado.. Let’s jump right in

01. Decide How Much You Want To Post Each Week On Social Media

Goal setting is one of my favorite things to do, and it also really helps me hold myself accountable for the things I promise to myself. I like to set goals in many aspects of my life and social media is no different. 

I want you to decide exactly how often you are wanting to show up for your audience each week. Is your goal to make 3 Instagram reels every week? 1 feed post per day? Go live once per week? These are all examples but something you can consider when making your own goals. 

There is no true right or wrong answer here, however I would say you should set a goal to post something, anything, at least 3 times per week on Instagram. Ideally every day but start with what seems realistic for your schedule. 

The more you can consistently show up the more your engagement will go up, but you also want to make sure the content you are showing up with is actually providing value and is not just fluffy fillers because you don’t know what else to say. 

Once you have the number in your head of how often you want to post, you can use this to form a roadmap to actually create that content for posting. Do this before just randomly logging into the apps and getting lost down the rabbit hole of mindless scrolling. 

02. Batch Working

Creating the content itself can be one of the biggest time consuming problems when it comes to staying consistent, as someone who is constantly creating new content, I get it! It can really be exhausting and feel never ending.

When you have the goal in mind of how much you want to post each week, create a dump list of content ideas for topics you may want to cover. Don’t complicate this, just grab a sheet of paper, and start writing down any ideas that come to mind. 

Once you have this list, I want you to either open up your notes app on your phone, or a google doc or whatever platform of your choice really, and start writing out captions for those topics you just listed out. 

You could bang out 30 captions right now, in probably an hour or two if you really focus on it, and use those captions for whatever photo you want to post or make an Instagram reel to go along with it. 

Remember that you want your captions to bring value to your audience so it should either be entertaining, educational, or inspirational.

I really like to make “how to” captions or something that can teach my ideal client something quickly in a listed out step by step format. I think this makes it easier to get straight to the point, and teach something and you can leave out all the fluffy other stuff.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If you are a boutique owner or a shop – you could write captions about how to style clothing, what is coming into style right now, how to wear the same graphic T in 3 different ways, how to start your own boutique, etc. Whatever your product is, you can teach people how to use is well, or different ways to use it that they may not know of.

If you are some kind of service based business like a photographer, horse trainer, a plumber, whatevs I don’t judge…

You can write captions about what your client experience looks like, 3 questions you get asked all the time, what your booking process is like, you can teach something to other people in your industry, you can offer tips for preparing for a session or class with you. The list could go on!

Again, no after what kind of business you have you can apply these ideas to them, just change the type of business it is and insert your own! 

03. Schedule Your Time On Social Media

One of the easiest time-sucks is to say to yourself “I’m just going to go on Instagram for 5 minutes to respond to comments and then I will start my workday” and before you know it you are mindlessly scrolling for an hour. Ever do that? Because same.

If social media is how you market yourself or your business, then it is a part of your job. You should be scheduling the time in to specifically be creating content for your page, as well as actually posting and engaging with others. 

A huge pet peeve of mine is when people tell me they do not have enough time to show up on their Instagram stories every day, and yet they watch Netflix every single night for a couple of hours. 

You can find the time. Trust me. But you need to prioritize it and be intentional about it.

Try This:

If you struggle with either of these things, not having enough time, or getting sucked in and losing track of time, try this: set a time for 15 to 20 minutes and intentionally log into your Instagram account to specifically post your pre written caption/photo, and then engage with your followers. Respond to any comments you might have gotten, and go down your feed and engage with other people’s posts. And I do not just mean comment a couple of emoji’s and call in day. And do not copy and paste the same comment of 500 posts either. 

Take the time to read someone’s post, and respond with true and authentic feelings. For one, it’s so obvious when you are not being genuine. People are not dumb, and they will read you like a freaking book if you are being fake about it. 

And two, if you just comment an emoji it does nothing for your engagement or theirs. The algorithm favors comments that are at least 4 or more words so no more slapping up a “so cute” with a bunch of hearts next to it. 

Remember: if you want someone else to be genuine and engage with your stuff you have to do the same in return!

04. Stop Following People On Social Media Who Do Not Inspire You

One of the biggest reasons I struggled with staying consistent was my imposter syndrome and comparison. I would find myself scrolling the gram, and land on someone’s page who was doing what I did, or something I wanted to do and these little green monsters all started to appear. 

I felt jealous and bitter and no inspiration for creating whatsoever. Has this ever happened to you?

My biggest piece of advice is to unfollow or mute anyone who makes you feel this way. If their posts are not making you feel positive or encouraged, then take that saying “out of sight out of mind” to heart. Because It really does work. 

If you don’t know then personally, unfollow them completely. If you do know then and think unfollowing would create tension, just mute their posts.

When I stopped comparing myself to other people, I started to love my work again. I loved the content I was putting out, I felt more like myself and I actually got way more business. 

People know when you are being authentic. Truly. You will shine in new ways and your offer will become much more special when you post in a ways that looks and sounds like Y O U

05. Real Life Is Happening Off Social Media

Last but not least, remember that your life is happening outside of Instagram. Real things, real moments. Consistency on social media does not mean having to document every tiny detail that happens to you or as it is happening in the moment. 

Pick the things you are willing to share on your Instagram, but keep the balance between work vs. real life. Make time for relationships, family, and memories because at the end of the day those things are far more important than how many likes you got on a post. 

Schedule your time to be present on social media, stick to it, and then log off to live your life my friend. 

Something I have been doing a lot lately is filming things that happen, but not immediately posting them on social media. I may record some fun moments or memories, save up all the videos and photos and then turn them into a post later that night when I sit down on the couch. 

It’s all about balance. 

And time away from social media is never a bad thing either. It may actually inspire you more to log off for a few days or a week or heck a month. Just go out and live and come back to it with a fresh new mindset and thought process. 

You might feel a heck of a lot more productive when you return!




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