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Your “Why” is the back bone behind your business and everything it revolves around. It gives your mission a purpose that goes beyond just making money. It is the reason you wake up in the morning excited to get to work!

But a lot of us struggle with figuring out exactly what our “why” is. So if that’s you, then stick around!

Jacque Shipman of Jacque O Photography is diving in full force to teach you a step by step process on how to break down your why so that your business will have so much clarity and you can achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. 

Who Is Jacque?

Jacque Shipman, who also goes by Jacque O, is a licensed business owner and full time western wedding/elopement photographer and educator based in the Reno Nevada & Tahoe areas. She runs a women’s business group with her friend Aubrey, called Brilliant Belles. Jacque and her boyfriend have been together for almost 5 years, and have two Pit bulls together. She Grew up around horses and rodeo her entire life, and she says being a horse woman runs in her blood!

A Step By Step Process On Finding Your Why

1-3 is identifying your personal why and mission statement, find your personal why first, than mission statement second.

1. What is it about working in photography or your specific industry that gives you a sense of pride? I.E. A freedom to be who I truly am, working with people I actually like, being my own boss/self motivated!

2. What do you want your clients or customers to like most about you AND your work? I.E. How beautiful my photos are, how enjoyable I am to be around

03. If you have identified your mission or vision statement… does it accurately reflect who you are and what you feel is your WHY behind what you do?

4-6 identifying your different why at work or while running your biz

04. Where are the overlaps of your WHY and your business’s WHY? .E. I want to be an individual and be who I am without judgement from others caused I dealt with bullying. Experience/community over competition because I never received that acceptance. Want to be emotionally supported and told I do good because I am a people pleaser!

05. What could you do to bring more of your WHY to your business? I.E. Work hard, keep promises, offer to build connection with others, be someone supportive for my clients.

06. What are some specific ideas or steps you might take for improving your own satisfaction while also achieving your dream or vision with your business? I.E. Take me time, travel, create genuine relationships

7-9 is putting your personal & biz why to work

07. 3 Passions in your life, this can be anything! I.E. Horses, memories, Family

08. 3 reasons why each of those passions are your passion! I.E. Connection, Creative outlet, Love

09. 3 ways those passions can translate to your business! I.E. Focusing on my style (western), creativity, and friendships

10-15 Is identifying your clients unique WHY

10. Why are your clients looking for your services?

11. If you were your client, what would you be looking for?

12. 3 questions your ideal client will or might ask you

13. How can your personal WHY reach more of your ideal clients?





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I'm a Cowgirl turned serial entrepreneur.
I'm a horse trainer, western wedding photographer, business coach and ranch wife.
I help women in the western industry grow thriving businesses from rural America.
When I am not strategizing new marketing tactics, you will find me riding my horses, cuddling my cattle dog, or kissing my hot husband.
There is also a good chance I am buying way too many outfits from western boutiques.

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