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I’m the girl that used to say things like “It’s all in the details” when it came to weddings. But after planning my own fairytale day, I realized that the details are the things you often overlook, and they are not the things that you remember the most.

When I was approaching my wedding day details, I wanted them to be simple, meaningful, and me. Far too often as a wedding photographer I see brides chasing after this Pinterest perfect vision of a day that really does not embody their personality at all.

You want your wedding day to be a slightly more glamorous version of your day to day life. At least in my opinion!

Flay Lays

When I thought about what I wanted to be included in the flat lays for my wedding details I knew a few of my priorities were:

  • My boots
  • Bride Jacket
  • Jewelry
  • Grandma’s Bible
  • And Stationary

I decided on a pop of color for my wedding boots and went with the Ariat Casonova’s in Turquoise color. These boots are even better in person and such a fun way to include “something blue”. But on the other hand, I didn’t plan on wearing a ton of other turquoise other than a ring, so I added in my favorite squash necklace to balance the palette a bit.

All of my stationary was made by a custom designer (and dear friend of mine) Madeline from Written in Sage. She made all the designs for me and blew my vision out of the water. She even designed fun details for my bachelorette party!

The hers and his vow books are from Etsy, but we used them to write notes to each other instead of actual vows because we were not going to be reading those in front of everyone haha.

The detail ribbons, are from amazon and come in a variety of colors. I will find similar ones and link them below.

Shop Similar Wedding Details Here:

My Dress

Something I have to admit is, I really struggled with finding my dress. Being a wedding photographer, I see HUNDREDS of wedding dresses in all styles, colors, shapes, you name it! So when it was my turn to go shopping, I think I felt this weird pressure to find something different from everything I had ever seen.

But that turned out to be an impossible task.

Luckily my mom was there to help me and kind of get me out of my own head. She really eased those thoughts and reminded me that the dress was not the most important part of the day. And whatever I picked would be amazing.

After I was able to put those feelings aside, I completely fell in love with the dress I chose. It was classy, simple, and elegant. The dress had a long train, a low v neck cut in the front and an open back with detailing that I thought was stunning.

It was perfect for the location of our wedding and the western vibes we had.

The Altar

My wedding altar is hands down one of my favorite details from our day. I knew I wanted to have a cross instead of a normal arch because we were not getting married in a church. And my dad made it, so it was extra special. Everything from the cowhide rug, to the pampas grass bunches, I am just in love with it.

The ceremony was out in the cow pasture and had a big mountain view behind us for the ceremony. That was my favorite part of the whole day.


Our reception was simple, rowdy and down right fun. We entered into the reception in the back of our horse trailer and had our entire bridal party jump out one couple at a time. Such a blast.

The center pieces were all made by my sweet parents who designed the wood frames, and stained them. My mom hand painted all of the cow bells and my mother in law donated the plates, silverware, and napkins.

For ballin’ on a budget and I think it all came together so beautifully.

My Vendors:

Venue: @kinshipranch

Photographer: @lelaspivaphotography 

Videographer: @cameraman_b_p 

Florist: @twistflowers

Bartenders: @rkspourhouse

Cupcakes: @aleecespiecesart 

Stationary: @written_in_sage 

Bouquet wrap: @themaninblack_leatherstudio 

Hair & MUA: @desertpeachhair 

DJ: Thunder & Lightning 

Catering: @git_r_smoked 

Dress: @studioinspirebridal 

Veil: @aebridal 

Boots: Ariat Casonovas

Denim Fringe Jacket: @shoplittlefilly 

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