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DO you want to learn 7 different ways you can fall in love with your business all over again? As entrepreneurs, it’s no seret that this lifestyle is a roller coaster of emotions. We start a business out of passion and fiery love. But over time things can begin to settle and feel burnt out. Just like any relationship, falling back into love and finding that spark with your business can take time. But it’s not a lost cause!

In this episode, I talk about the 7 different ways you can create those butterflies again in your business and get back to the spicy feelings for it that you once had.

1. Do something to make your business better

The word “love” is a verb. Did you know that? It is really common for people to believe that Love is a feeling, and emotion, a fluttery, fiery sensation. But the truth is, feelings are fleeting. Feelings are not truthful and they do not define things. Now it’s of course valid to have certain feelings, but a great pastor once said, that “listening to your heart” can be some of the worst advice because your heart doesn’t always know what is good for it. And I couldn’t agree more.

When you get into a new relationship, it’s all about butterflies, and big grand gestures, and keeping things exciting and spicy. But just like anything, the longer you are in a relationship, the more comfortable things feel and those spicy feelings may start to simmer down.

And we make the mistake of thinking these more “neutral” feelings are bad and that it means we are out of love and we crave those exciting butterflies all over again.

So how does this relate to us trying to fall in love with our business?

I want you to ask yourself, what could you do to make your business better?

These are going to look different depending on what work needs to be done, and what kind of business you have. I have found that when my to do list gets so big and overwhelming I shut down. My brain doesn’t even know where to begin so it does nothing.

This is me giving you a permission slip to Eeny meeny miny mo that to do list and do one thing on it today and then call it quits until tomorrow. Check just one box and pretty soon that overwhelming feeling is going to start to ease and you will be able to check a few off each day.

2. Spend time away from your business

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? We all need some time away even from the things we love the most. The same is true for our businesses. I am a big advocate for scheduling time to be present away form our business just as much as we schedule time to be in our business.

You have to be able to grow as an individual and explore your other interests too. When you are in business mode 24/7 you are going to start to resent it and quickly feel burnt out.

You don’t need to jet set off for a month at a time, but shutting down on weekends or designated days off are important. Boundaries for not answering emails at 2am is also crucial.

Sometimes treating our business as if it were a 9-5 job isn’t always a bad thing.

3. Ask yourself what your business needs

What does your business need right now? The MUST HAVES or MUST DO’s.

What could you do for your business that would help move that needle forward? Maybe it’s the not so fun stuff but often times when you can get those out of the way, you feel a million times better. Or maybe it’s a new facelift. If your old branding is feeling tired and worn out, sometimes getting a fresh new look can make any business shine a little brighter.

4. Spend more present time with your business

How to be present and intentional with your business? Well to me, this really just means being present with yourself and allowing yourself to daydream about your business again.

I often find that in seasons where I am not feeling good about my business, I need to go sit outside, listen to some music, go for a drive. All things that usually bring me my best ideas. Write them down, do some journaling. Scroll pinterest for a while.

Have your husband take the kids for an afternoon while you go sit at a coffee shop and work very intentionally. As a mama, I can get very stressed an overwhelmed being pulled in so many directions. Trying to be a present mom but also manage my business is a lot. And anytime I can dive deep into work for even a couple of hours uninterrupted, feels like such a big accomplishment and a win.

5. Have silly time together.

Okay I’m not going to lie, I struggled with how to connect this one to business but then it hit me. When I think about the time in my career as an entrepreneur and when things really felt good for me, it was when I was able to let go of all the negative thoughts I had. The things where I felt like I was being judged and where I had this fear of looking stupid.

Those are the things that held me back. And my relationship with my business was so serious and so professional. But when I stopped putting up that front and I started to be more silly and show up as myself, that is when I felt better and things thrived.

I started to book my dream clients and work with people that wanted to work with me because of who I was not just the service I offered.

Marketing is really just experimenting and anyone will tell you that. You cannot be afraid to try new things and look dumb. Because there are times where you will, and you will fall and it will feel awkward and uncomfortable even. But when you can let go of all of that and stop caring so much about your appearance, that is the money spot to be in.

6. Stop and notice your business accomplishments

You’ll fall in love really fast again if you stop and take notice of where your business is currently. How far it has come and all the accomplishments it has made so far. Notice the little things and really soak them in.

I am guilty of skipping right past an accomplishment and moving onto the next big thing without taking a pause to reflect on the current one. Don’t forget to reward the fruits of your labors.

7. List the ways your business has made your life better

Finally, one of the easiest things you could do today to fall back in love with your business is to just write down a list of things that your business has done to make your life better.

Has starting a business allowed you to stay home and raise your babies? Does it provided extra income for your family?

Is it sparking a new creative joy in your life that was missing for so long?

What are the things that you love about being a business owner and to your business specifically?

In Conclusion

Remember, butterflies and sparks are temporary. Love is action and it’s not a feeling. It requires work and the choice to keep going. But I promise if you do these things, in your business and your relationships you are going to notice a stronger and more on fire connection than you ever have before.



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