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Blogging is NOT dead! Easy as that. Blog post over…. okay just kidding.

I’m going to make a bold statement from the get go and say that EVERY business should have a blog. Yes, even if you are not in the digital content space. Your business could still benefit from blogging.

I know you might be thinking that blogging is something teenage girls do, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Have you ever typed something into Google and clicked on one of the search results and it takes you to an article about a certain topic. Well, that my friend, was a blog post.

You might also be thinking that Blogging is dead considering the world is moving towards all video content these days. And I am here to tell you this is not true and how you can actually use blogging as a way to compliment your other kinds of content or use it as a stand alone platform in your business.

Blogging is not just a way to share your deepest thoughts or talk about your favorite hair care products. But hey, you can do that too if you want!

There are a bunch of valuable ways to use blogging that can benefit any kind of business whether you sell physical products, services, or digital offers, or anything in between!

Here are a few things a blog can do for you. It can boost your website’s SEO, put you in an authoritative position, create connection between you and customers, and most of all it humanizes your brand.

The best part? This can all be done for FREE. Or at least mostly free. Still don’t believe me? Well let’s dive even deeper into the idea of blogging so I can prove to you that today is the day you need to incorporate this into your marketing strategy.

Blogging Drives Traffic Onto Your Website

If you are only relying on people finding your URL link to get to your website, you probably are not going to get very far. The beauty of having a blog is you can create articles and start conversations about things that your ideal client or customer may be interested in learning more about.

If you make jewelry, you can have blog posts talking about why certain stones are better than others. Or the process that goes into making a piece of jewelry.

If you train horses, you can have blog posts explaining how to help solve a specific issue with a horse. The best diet for athlete horses. Your favorite grooming supplies, and more.

Think of your blog content the same way you would social media content, except longer.

And yes, I know. You are not a writer. That’s okay! In fact, that is even better!

Blogging is not about sounding like a robot professional. It’s about sounding like you! Going back to what I said about creating connection. Your blog is a place to share your expertise and also be a real human.

Think about all the things your ideal client may be wondering or googling. Write blog posts on those topics, and watch yourself stand out from the rest of your industry!

Create Brand Authority By Blogging

Blogging is a great way to build brand authority and showcase your expertise. When you create blog content that is helpful and informative, you are creating a connection between you and your audience and establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Writing blog posts that provide valuable insight, position yourself as an expert and someone that people can trust. When people trust you, they are more likely to purchase from you and recommend you to their friends and family.

Why Blogging Is Not Dead

I know you think that blogging feels old school and that no one reads anything anymore. But I do not subscribe to that mindset and here is why.

Let’s take cooking for example. You go on Pinterest and you are searching for recipes to make for dinner. Something that looks good catches your eye so you click on it and the link takes you to a blog post. At the top of this blog post is a video on how to make the recipe and at the bottom is the written out list of ingredients. Now, you may watch the video but when it comes to writing down the ingredients, and following the instructions, you are going to scroll down and read them. Written words are more digestible but also easier to skim through instead of trying to pause and play a video constantly.

Yes, some people are not going to be a fan of reading content. That is true. But some people are. And while I am a big advocate for not putting too much on your plate as an entrepreneur, I do believe that you can create whatever kind of content you prefer and at the bare minimum use your blog as a backup piece of content that is repurposed.

In my own business, I rarely write stand alone blog posts. MOST blog posts on my website are just the written show notes from these podcast episodes or landing places for my Youtube videos. My goal is to always get more people on my website, so instead of only linking to the videos on youtube or podcasts episodes on Spotify, I try to link back to my blog post that has the video or audio player embedded.

Blogging Can Help Ease Your Content Load

Instead of trying to come up with a weeks worth of Instagram caption ideas, why not just repurpose 3 different captions from your blog? Let’s say you write a blog post about 3 different places in your town you love to eat at. And that 1 blog post names all 3. But then you take those and break them up into 3 different social media posts and share them on different days.

That would save you so much time, right? Think of blogging as the main meaty piece of content that you have to create once a week and then use it to repurpose and break down into several different smaller pieces of content.

This is one of my FAVORITE methods for repurposing and marketing.

Blogging Generates Leads, Grows Your Email List, And Boosts Sales

For me blogging tends to be the first step in a sales funnel. I may find most people on social media who choose to follow me and get to know me a little bit. And then from there, I will share my blog posts and they can choose to go read them or not. But if they do, they will find valuable information and a CTA for what to do next. Usually this is entering their name and email to snag some kind of free resource. And once they are on my email list, I continue to serve them and eventually sell to them.


I hope you are able to see why blogging is not just some fluffy thing that you tried to do once and then gave up on it. If you are committed and intentional about it, I really do believe that blogging can make your business soar to the next level.

A blog is so much more than an online journal. It attracts customers and traffic to your website and points people in the right direction for how to take the next step with you.



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