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Anytime I put one of those little question boxes on my story asking what you are struggling with, I am usually flooded with responses having to do with content creation. One of the biggest pain points being having the time to create it, and how to use it to grow your accounts.

I would probably argue that content marketing is the most popular way to advertise your business right now. But what does that really mean?

Content marketing is just the term for making content on a regular basis on things that relate to your industry or what you sell. This is in hopes of attracting the right people to your page or website so they buy from you.

And obviously, the more places you can be on the internet, the better. There is everything from blogging, to youtube, a podcast, instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook and more.

How in the heck do you create content for all of those without having it consume your life? Hint – You don’t have to.

Today I want to teach you my exact strategy I use to repurpose content in a few different ways so that I can be serving my people wherever they are while still having time to actually live my life.

You ready? Let’s jump on in.


First things first. You want to make sure that before adding on a bunch of platforms into your content strategy, you are consistent with each platform individually. Start with one you really love first. Maybe that’s Instagram.

Post consistently on Instagram for at least a few weeks or even months before deciding to add more to your plate. You want to feel like you have a good concept of how to create content in a matter of minutes. If you are the type of person who has to think about what to say in their caption for hours and hours, you are not ready to add more platforms into the mix.

I find that setting myself of a posting schedule can be really helpful for Instagram. I like to write out all of my brand pillars and rotate through them every few days. Also keeping a giant dump list of content ideas is helpful too.

Start here, and once you feel like you have a handle on the good ol’ gram, then you can move onto something else.


This can be called different things and to each their own but the concept is the same. “Mega content” or “long form content” is things like blog posts, podcast episodes, or videos on Youtube.

“Micro content” or “short form content” is your social media posts. Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I always tell other entrepreneurs that it would be wise to have at least one form of mega content / long form content and then you can use the key points from that content to make smaller short form or micro content.

For example: Each week I put out 2 podcast episodes. Along with those podcast episodes is a blog post AKA the show notes that provides a written form of the key points from the episode.

I then can take those key points and break them up into separate captions for Instagram and other social media pages.

Make sense? Basically, you are creating the content once, and then repurposing it to fit onto other platforms.

You do not need to be creating unique content every single day for every single platform you are on.


If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty of all the ways you can repurpose a piece of content then listen up. But also only use the parts that apply to you. Not everyone is going to be on every single one of these platforms and you need to figure out which ones work for your business and which do not.

Let’s say you are a baker. And you are going to create a piece of content called “3 recipes I love to make during the holidays”

Step 1: create a video of you talking about the 3 recipes you love to make during the holidays.

Post that video onto youtube.

Step 2: Take the audio from that video and turn it into a podcast episode.

Step 3: Create a written format of that podcast/video and turn it into a blog post

Step 4: Make 3 different Instagram posts talking about each recipe individually

Step 5: Create 5 pins for pinterest using different titles and key words. Linking to the video, the blog post and the podcast. Personally I like to embed videos from my youtube onto blog posts and link the podcast episodes on the blog as well. Then you only have to direct people to one link and it happens to be on your website. Which boosts your SEO. Win win.

You can literally keep this train rolling on twitter, with Instagram reels, Tik Tok, your email newsletter, etc.

The possibilities are truly endless.

So before you freak out over creating content for so many platforms, think about the content you have already created and how you could repurpose it into something for other platforms.

It will save you so much time, and also makes sure you are serving a wider rage of people.


Now I know a lot of you listening might be thinking, “Sarah if I post the same type of content on all my platforms won’t that be annoying to people who follow me on all platforms?”

And the answer is no.

Truth be told the chances of someone seeing your content in real time on every single platform you post is very slim.

Think about it. Only about 6% of your Instagram followers see your content. So what if the other 94% of people only stumble across the podcast post or the blog post?

And not everyone is hanging out in every space at the same time.

I like to spread out my content to post at different times or even different days. Maybe the blog post goes up first but the first instagram post doesn’t go up for 2 weeks. And then the 2nd instagram post is 2 weeks after that.

When you break it up, people are less likely to feel like they saw the same thing over and over again. And you are more likely to get views on certain platforms because people who didn’t see it the first time you posted it, might see it the second time.


Which brings me to another point. The content you are creating should be quality which means, you do not want it to just live and then die shortly after.

If you are making a blog post about the top 10 questions you get asked as a baker, and someone in your DM’s asks you a common question, instead of typing out the same response over and over again, you could just drop the link to that blog post. Bam. Repurposed that content yet again. See how that works?


The big takeaway from this episode is that you do not have to be creating a million pieces of content to provide value to your audience or consumers.

You can create it once, and then have it live on in different ways to be enjoyed by everyone for days, months, even years to come.

You worked hard to create that content. Make sure you put it out into the world wherever you can and as much as you can.


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