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Content Creation can be so overwhelming when you feel like you need to be creating so much content for so many platforms. But what if I told you that there is a simple way to turn 1 piece of content into 10 different types?

As business owners, we have to create SO much content! How on earth are we supposed to be putting so much out into the world every single day?

Content is just a fancy word for anything you put out into the world but specifically the internet. This can be in text form, audio form, photos, videos, you name it! It is how we are going to get people to find our brands and businesses and how we are going to be able to serve our audiences in hopes that one day they will buy from us.

Our content is a powerful tool that is oftentimes overlooked or not used to its full potential. Posting a pic with a one word caption does technically count as content, however it probably will not drive the same results as a more thought out longer caption providing significant value to the consumer. 

Whether you are a rancher, a blogger, a leather worker, a photographer, a shop owner, or a western influencer, content creation is super important for a solid marketing strategy but it does not have to consume your whole life.

Remember, you became an entrepreneur to have more time not less. 

Are you ready to learn how you can turn 1 piece of content into 10 different types? Let’s do this!

Choose Your Platforms that you will turn 1 piece of content into 10

First, write down all the different platforms that you plan to use in your marketing strategy & create content for. 

If you are more advanced, you may have a really long list. But if you are just starting out in business then you may have a shorter list. Either way is totally fine! My only goal is that after reading this you will decide to commit to at least 2 platforms.

Next, Separate this list into two categories: Your main content & your supporting content.

Common platforms for main content

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Youtube video
  • Facebook Group

Common supporting content platforms (what will direct people to your main content source)

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tik tok
  • Email newsletter
  • Mostly social media

My recommendations for just starting out: 

  • Instagram
  • Email List
  • Blog

Start Planning

Once you have your platforms decided it’s time to start planning. Do you have any launches or special offers coming up you want to promote? Let’s say it’s almost the holidays and you want to do a really cool black Friday sale for one of your offers. 

Maybe a discount on wedding packages if you are a photographer or a sale on graphic T’s if you are a boutique, or maybe you are wanting to launch a course teaching something. Whatever that looks like, start to think about what’s coming up and what you really want to sell more of.

I like to break down my content into 3 different ways. Quarterly, monthly and weekly.

I usually have one big goal each quarter that I hope to achieve and then each month another goal that supports the quarter goal and then my weekly content is the driving force to get me there.

Make a dump list of all the content ideas you can think or topics that you know your ideal client needs to hear about. Bring a ton of value to them!

Figure out your timing

Focus on your main content sources first. So if that’s a blog post then figure out how often you want to post on your blog.

Maybe that’s once per week, maybe 2-3 times a week or maybe every day. But be realistic. If you struggle with 1 post per week on a blog then do not try to set yourself up for failure by assigning 5 posts each week. Start small and get into a groove before taking on more.

Let’s say you have decided you want to post 1 blog per week and your designated day is every Monday. Great!

Now you know that for each month there’s about 4 weeks give or take, which means you need to write out 4 blog posts for that month. (You could probably do this in 1 day!)

Awesome! Now you have an entire month of blog posts done, but now we need to figure out how to get people to see it.

This is where your supporting content comes in.

Your supporting content is how you can really turn 1 piece of content into 10

Like I said before, if this is all new for you then start small. Maybe you just have Instagram as supporting content. That’s perfect! You can take a snippet from that blog post and use it as an Instagram caption with a call to action at the end telling people to go read your blog post.

Talk about it on your feed and on your stories. 

Remember, only about 6-10% of your followers on Instagram are actually seeing your posts, so it’s not going to be too repetitive if you do a feed post and story post or Reel on the same topic. Plus you can talk about the same thing in different ways!

I also highly recommend an email list because it’s one of the easiest ways to get your content right in front of someone without having to battle an algorithm.

My personal preference for email marketing is using Flodesk which has been the easiest platform I have found so far. 

You can learn about it and get a free trial + 50% off when you go to

If You Are More Advanced

If you are more advanced in your business or you have more platforms you want to spread your content on, then great! Here’s how you can turn 1 piece of content into 10.

An example from my own business:

I start with looking at each day of the month and deciding what topics I want to discuss that day. Again if you are just starting out, then I would pick one topic. But I actually have 2-3 that I talk about each day (depending on the day of the week).

My main content sources are:

  • My Podcast 
  • My Blog
  • My Youtube Channel
  • My private facebook group

I start with a topic, and I write out the outline on a google doc. This outline serves a few purposes. I use it as notes as I record a podcast episode and I fill in the blanks to create a nicely written blog post.

So think of it like this. I record the podcast, which is an audio only piece of content. While recording my podcast I am also recording myself while talking. Which is then turned into a Youtube video. And then the transcribed / spark notes version of what I am saying becomes a long form blog post. 

I have two facebook groups currently but only 1 serves as a main source of content in my strategy. My VIP alumni/student group. This is where all of my past, and current students hangout and ask questions. 

Anytime I record a video or do a live training in that group they will have first dibs on it.

2 weeks later I will use that video as a youtube video, and a podcast audio, and of course a blog. 

My Supporting content sources:

  • Instagram
  • Tik-Tok
  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • Twitter
  • Email list
  • Blog posts sections are turned into Instagram captions
  • Facebook posts link to the blog posts, and use a snippet of the blog post as a caption
  • Linked in will link to the podcast episodes (and is mainly used to promote the podcast)
  • Twitter is usually a quick one-liner piece of content with strategic hashtags having to do with that days topic
  • Tik tok is funny brand awareness videos having to do with the topic
  • And my email list will link people directly to the blog as well

In each blog post I have links to listen to the podcast episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify so once someone lands on the blog post, they can either read or listen right on there or they can click off to their preferred platform.

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