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In This episode, I am talking with Karoline Rose who is the CEO of KRose Company, CattlemanU and The Ranchers daughter. Collectively all of these ventures have become an 8 figure business that she created on the rural internet.

We dive into her story on how she decided to start her own business in agriculture and what the turning point was for her to gain traction and step into this great success. We have a super impactful conversation about women in agriculture and the role they play as well as what it means to be a good boss and employee.

Karoline’s Story

Karoline grew up in the ranching world with her family. She attended Montana State university and got her degree in animal science. She remembers after graduation having a conversation with her father about what she was going to do for a career. Karoline told her dad that she wanted to work for herself. From there she started K-Rose Company which eventually led her to her other business ventures.

Karoline has been in business for 8 years now and has learned so many things about growing on social media, building a team and managing a large company as the CEO.

Battling Health Issues

In the episode we discuss health issues that Karoline faced at a young age. She believes that going through these challenges and struggles have given her the motivation to be successful as an entrepreneur and not trade her time for money. She values the gift of life and has no plans on wasting it working at a 9-5 job.

Bringing Women To The Business Table Of Agriculture

Karoline has made it her mission to bring women into the conversation of business in ranching and agriculture. With CattlemanU she strives to help teach women the foundations of being out in the fields working cattle, not just being at home stuck in the kitchen.

CattlemanU offers a variety of resources from online courses, to in person workshop style education. Her latest venture is Ranch Camp, and in person program that teaches women everything they need to know about working cattle. You can get more information about Ranch Camp here!

Becoming An 8 Figure Business

The road to 8 figures isn’t an easy one and Karoline says there were a lot of learning curves in that time frame. She uses the phrase “it’s the blind leading the blind” when talking about managing employees, hiring and firing, and other CEO tasks.

The turning point in her career was when she had to let go of some of the responsibility in her business and hand it off to other experts in order to have room to grow. Karoline says that being able to trust other women to have a sense of ownership within the business has been the biggest help and she loves knowing that they want the company to succeed as much as she does.

CEO Mindset

Being in business is a 2 way street between the employer and employees. As the employer you are looking for people who are trustworthy and hardworking. And as the employee you want to work for someone who values your time, and trusts you to do the job at hand. Karoline has a specific hiring process that she puts prospects through to see if they are going to be a good fit for the company.

Tune into Episode 108 of The Branded Cowgirl Podcast to hear the full interview!




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