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Well, we have a trailer now so I guess you can say we are camping people. Not that this is really a huge surprise. We have always both been very outdoorsy kind of people. But I grew up tent camping so this whole boujeè trailer thing is very new for me.

However, I am not mad about this new trailer life. Especially with kids. How amazing is it going to be to be able to put them down for naps inside of the trailer where its quiet and we don’t have to worry about being noisy outside of a tent?!

I’m not gonna lie, the minute I knew we were getting this bad boy I created a Pinterest board for all the future renovations I want to do to it. And yes, I know what you are thinking. “Sarah, that trailer is brand new, what is there to renovate?” Of course that is true. No updates are really needed but I do want to make it feel more my style. The current vibe is very modern and I am obviously going for more of a rustic, western feel. (See the examples pictured below for what I mean)

Also this is just me daydreaming right now. We are years away from this ever actually happening. Okay?


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Decorating The Trailer In The Meantime


So obviously, for now I cannot make any permanent changes but I have found some really cute decor pieces that I think will still transform this trailer into the vibe I want. I have found that when it comes to turning a space into a more western feel, there are a few key components. Rugs, blankets, pillows, and wall art. You would be shocked at how much a few pictures on the walls can change the whole feel of something.

I am also a big fan of keeping things minimal and classic. This is just a personal preference but I have found that when I still to more neutral colors and less crazy patterns, I am much less likely to change my mind down the road.


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Trailer Bedding


I found some SUPER cute options for bedding in the trailer and I haven’t totally decided the route I want to take yet. I love the simple patterns of these two cowboy quilts. But I am also a fan of a simple bedspread with funky pillows and sheets. Which one do you think I should go with? If you love the Paseo Road one as much as I do make sure to use code ELROD at checkout to save 10%!


Western Pillows


One of my favorite things about decorating the trailer is that I feel like I can pick slightly more fun pieces that I might not buy for my house. Some of those being fun graphic pillows. I found some SUPER cute ones that I will be putting on the bed and on the couches.



Other Random Trailer Decor


I can already see how hard it’s going to be to jump straight into the fun decor items and skip right over the necessities for trailer life. But one of the first purchases I will probably make is for the outdoor rug. They are so practical and really keep your space nice and clean. And on Amazon, there are some really great deals!

Cute bathroom towels I think will also be a fun touch. Again, they are a little too bold for my normal home decor but I think they will be perfect for the trailer.

And of course these really fun rugs I found are a must too!


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