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Branded Cowgirl Podcast Episode 132




“I can’t make content with my non aesthetic life”. A variation of that sentence is said way too often in the online space. We hear it from wanna be creators, business owners, and even everyday people.

With the world of social media blowing up, so has the struggle of feeling like we are always comparing ourselves to other people online. The ability to access anyone in the whole world at the touch of your fingertips is a wildly amazing, but also scary thing.

I hear it all the time from past students of mine. They don’t know what to post about because their life is not full of travel adventures. “I’m just a stay at home mom, I have nothing to talk about”.

But what if we changed this mindset? What if we started to believe that just because our lives are non aesthetic, we could still share things and grow!

That’s exactly what we are talking about in today’s podcast episode.

If you have ever felt like your life is too boring to share online, or that you cannot make content in your home because you don’t have an aesthetic white kitchen, then you need to listen to this episode where I am breaking down the mindset of perfection. We also go into some tangible advice on how to make content right where you are at in this moment.




As I sat here and recorded this episode, you might visualize some fancy studio or super clean bedroom workspace. The reality? My office is part office, part recording space, playroom, entryway and storage. It’s a disaster most of the time, except for this one corner I film in.

Being a stay at home mom / work from home mom makes it hard to balance household chores and work tasks – lots of grace is given to myself when it comes to cleaning. But it’s hard when I look around and see the mess and know I need to take photos or record videos and I only have my non aesthetic house to do it in. I love my decor, but i get stumped by the fact that my house doesn’t always have the best natural light, I live in an old ranch house that is super outdated. My kitchen is not white. The cabinets are oak and the bathrooms have green tile – yes green.

There is every excuse in the book I could probably use to not make content because of these things. But Instead of letting them hold me back, I use them to my advance. The mess becomes my message. People connect more to the imperfections than they do the perfect.




If you think that no one cares what you have to share, let me ask you this. How many times this week have you watched a stranger doing mundane things? We are very quick to watch someone else make their morning coffee, show us their cleaning routine, show off their outfit for the day. These are all very SIMPLE things, but for some reason we feel like no one is going to care if we do it. Why is that? Maybe you even watch someone else post their “imperfect content” breaking out of the aesthetic mold, but you still think you cannot do it. This thought is debilitating and paralyzing and it is keeping you from reaching your goals. Perfectionism is stopping you from reaching your goals.

Gary Vee is huge on the idea of documenting vs. creating. Instead of always trying to create some new life changing piece of content, what would happen if you just started documenting your day and posting about it? I am so guilty of jumping on youtube when I am folding laundry or something and literally watch someone else vlog about their day doing their own laundry. People want to see relatable, realness, and raw on social media.




Take a look around wherever you are right now. Look at your surroundings and think about how you could make content with those things. Are you sitting at your desk making a to do list? Post about it. Cleaning up your kids playroom? Record and post! Making dinner for the family? Snap a quick pic and share it! Can you see how your life does not need to be aesthetic, to simply start. Hear me out: What got you to the mindset you are currently in, will not get you out.




On board with the idea but want to elevate your content a little? Check out my gear list that includes, cameras, microphones, computers, tripods for your phone, ring lights and more. Also if you are on the hunt for some new western fonts, check out these!

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I'm Sarah Elrod

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I'm a Cowgirl turned serial entrepreneur.
I'm a horse trainer, western wedding photographer, business coach and ranch wife.
I help women in the western industry grow thriving businesses from rural America.
When I am not strategizing new marketing tactics, you will find me riding my horses, cuddling my cattle dog, or kissing my hot husband.
There is also a good chance I am buying way too many outfits from western boutiques.

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