To My Brother On His Wedding Day


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by sarah elrod

To My Brother On His Wedding Day,

Oh Kyle, I am not really sure where the time has gone because I swear it was just yesterday we were living under the same roof, screaming and fighting or having the time of our lives. And now, you are getting married today.

There were so many times growing up that I wanted to straight up punch you in the face because well, what are younger sisters for? We were always so different but somehow that really never mattered. Because to our parents, we were never really close and never really got along. And maybe for a while that was true. But deep down you and I both knew that we could always count on each other and we always knew we had someone to talk to.

I think most girls without a sister wish they had one. But I never did. I never needed a sister because my older brother was everything I ever needed. From being my punching bag, to the one I could vent to, to the one I got in a lot of trouble with. You were always there for me when I needed you the most. 

You’ve always had this heart of gold even when we were kids, and that’s my favorite way to describe you when I tell people about you. You will never meet a kinder person than my brother. 

It’s funny because I remember there being times where I wish you could actually have been more aggressive, but looking back, I am so glad that you are the way you are. I am so glad you are a big teddy bear and someone who I always know I can talk to without judgement. 

As a kid, I always wanted to be more like you. I saw how Mom and Dad beamed about you. You were so naturally smart and school came so easy for you. Me, not so much – but C’s get degree’s right? LOL

I followed in your footsteps, taking all those hard AP classes that you took because I didn’t want to fall behind you. I wanted people to think as highly of me as they thought of you. And I don’t even know if you knew how much everyone loved you. You were so humble that the whole world could be lifting you up and you probably wouldn’t even notice. I love that about you.

I wish the world could have a heart like yours. 

To my brother, I was never different than anyone else. And even when the attention on me wasn’t the best, he treated me the same. He didn’t “take it easy” when we would play fight and even though it may have pissed me off then LOL – I am so appreciative of it now. You taught me that I am strong and that I am capable of doing the things that the world tells me I can’t.

And today, you are getting married and you have a baby on the way. You have grown so much in just a few short years and I am still in disbelief that you are going to be a dad. 

Just a warning, I plan on soaking up the crazy, kidless aunt thing for as long as I possibly can. 

You amaze me each and every day, even when we go a while without talking I hope you know that I am always rooting for you from the sidelines. All I have ever wanted is for you to be happy and to do amazing things in your life and change the world like you have changed mine. 

You’re going to be the most amazing father, and I hope your son see’s how proud you are going to be of him. I cannot wait to be the psycho in the bleachers screaming for my nephew to run those bases!

Soak in every single moment. Today, tomorrow, and every day after this. You will only ever be this young once, and I hope you take each and every day with gratitude and walk with humility and humbleness. 

I am so proud of who you are and who I know you are going to become. And I could not be more excited to stand up there with you today and cheer you on and your soul ties with another. 

I love you so much.


Your Baby Sister

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