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Tune into an actual coaching call between one of my clients and myself where we discuss the basic foundation to creating an online marketing strategy that will build your following and turn them into raving customers.

Finding Your “Why”

  • A quick strategy for finding your “why” is to ask yourself “why” do I want to do this? And ask yourself 7 times and break it down deeper and deeper. 
  • You may notice the first time you ask yourself the question, your answer may be something like “because I want to work for myself and make money being my own boss” 
  • This type of answer is what I like to call a “head” answer. My goal is to get you to take that “head” answer and turn it into a “heart” answer
  • After 7 times of breaking it down you might have an answer like “I grew up poor and I want to be able to give my daughter a different childhood than I had”

Online Marketing Starts With A Dream

  • Grab a notebook or journal and dream a little. Go sit outside and really think about your heart behind this business and what problems do you want to solve for people. Why is it important to you to help them and serve them?

What Is A Personal Brand?

  • Think of your personal brand as how people talk about you when you walk out of a room
  • What do you want their impression of you to be?
  • What kinds of things do you want them to associate you with?

What Is Online Marketing?

  • Building relationships
  • Creating the Like, Know & Trust factor with our audience

How Do We Get Our Audience To Like/Know & Trust Us?

  • Lots and lots of free value!
  • Valuable content should be either inspiring, educational or entertaining

The 4 Different Types Of Content We Need To Be Creating:

  • Viral 
  • Stalkable
  • Educational
  • Human

Viral Content: 

  • Content that people want to share
  • Brand awareness and getting more eyes on our content
  • Viral content doesn’t have to be scouring the internet. We just want it to get more attention that our normal content

Stalkable Content: 

  • What keeps people wanting more & staying with your page

Educational Content: 

  • Teaching someone something (aka your ideal client)
  • Providing TONS of FREE value
  • Building yourself up as the expert
  • Building credibility & social proof that you know what you are doing

Human Content:

  • Building connections with people
  • Being a mama
  • Being a wife
  • Loving on your doggy (or goats)
  • Day to day life!

Content Pillars In Your Online Marketing Strategy:  

  • The 5-7 topics of your life that best represent who you are. We do not need to share every tiny piece of our lives on social media for people to feel like they know us. We just want to talk about these 5-7 topics on a loop/repeat.

Brand Stories:

  • These are key stories in your life that fall under your brand pillars. 
  • If there is a unique story that got you to where you are and you are comfortable sharing it, make sure to do that frequently and in different ways. 
  • We want your brand stories to be something people remember about you

The Basics Of Selling Or Sales With Online Marketing: 

  • Selling should never feel weird or awkward
  • If you feel cringe about what you are selling to someone then that might be because you don’t believe what you are offering is worth it or valuable (let’s work on this!)
  • Selling is just solving a problem for someone (and the exchange of money is just a tool)
  • Why would we feel weird if we know we are fixing the issue for someone?
  • Keep in mind though, it is our job as the professional to show our ideal customer HOW our product/service solves their problem.
  • We cannot just assume they already understand 
  • Free = No Value (in other words it means 0)
  • When someone gets something for free, they do not value it as much as they would if they were paying for something

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When I am not strategizing new marketing tactics, you will find me riding my horses, cuddling my cattle dog, or kissing my hot husband.
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