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why it's okay to take a break, episode 38 of the branded cowgirl podcast

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Does the thought of taking a break scare you? If yes, then listen up!

If I know anything about you then I know you are a go getter. You are a wake up early, and stay up late just to make your dreams come true kind of person. 

I also would bet to say that the idea of putting your phone on airplane mode for a day, and closing down your laptop early one afternoon has you feeling a bit stressed. After all there are way too many priorities staring you in the face am I right?

Well, while that may be true in some regards, the truth is there is no greater priority than taking care of yourself so that you can pour into others even better. So consider this your permission slip to take a break.

The Irony Of Self Employment

It’s a funny thing being an entrepreneur. You probably got into this line of work to “be your own boss and make your own schedule” and yet, you probably work more hours now than you ever did at a normal 9-5 job.

I feel like I already know some of you are holding your hands up in the air saying “yup Sarah that’s me!”

And hey, that’s me too! I love work, and I as nerdy as it sounds I have so much fun writing blog posts, and creating marketing campaigns and thinking about strategies. Sometimes I forget that this is even a job. 

But I want to dive deeper into this idea of rest, and why it is so important to take some time off and how it is actually the most beneficial thing you can do for your business. 

This is a guide to protecting your time and being intentional about taking a day off, or even a week off!

There Are Two Types Of People

There are two types of people in this world. The kind that believe you need to hustle like crazy, and the kind that believe you do not have to always be chasing some big dream. Personally, I think I am somewhere in the middle. Let me explain.

As a business owner I have had it poured into me day in and day out that I need to be hustling every single day. I need to be getting up early and staying up late and grinding constantly in order to get what I want. 

There is truth to that. But if that is ALL you ever do every single day until you die, you WILL get burnt out.

Whether you are on the Pro-Hustle all day every day team or if you think Hustle culture is the worst mentality ever… you are both right. But you are also both very wrong.

There needs to be a balance. 

There is in fact a time and place to hustle like you have never hustled before. There is a time to put your nose in the dirt, work long hours, and make sacrifices such as not hanging out with your friends as much. I think the reason why this is okay is because you should be doing it to achieve some bigger purpose. 

Once that purpose or goal is met, or a milestone is reached, then you step into phase 2, REST. This is where you can sit back, relax and just soak up all that hard work you put in.

The Definition Of Hustle:

to proceed or work rapidly or energetically

The Definition Of Rest:

cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength

For me in this current season of life, hustling looks like batching out blog posts, podcast episodes, youtube videos, shooting lots of weddings and also planning my wedding on top of everything else as this one woman show that I am. My goal for busting my butt these next few months is to be able to automate everything so that come wedding time I can relax and go on a carefree honeymoon knowing that my business is still functioning without me actually being present. 

Current state: hustle

Future State when I am on my honeymoon: REST

The Benefits Of Hustling

  • You can check a lot off your to do list
  • You move the needle forward in your business
  • You can increase your financial situation
  • You can make a pivot in your business
  • You feel more accomplished overall

The Benefits Of Taking A Break

  • You can get re-inspired after a burn out
  • You can take time to dream again
  • It’s good for your health both physically and mentally

Be Intentional About Taking A Break

Do not use rest as a reward. It shouldn’t be “I will give myself the evening off if I finish this project”. Rest is necessary, not an incentive. 

If anything, it should be more of an incentive to get the project done before 4pm because that’s your cut off time for the day and whatever you don’t finish today has to get done tomorrow. 

That motivates me more because I know that I don’t want to spread some projects across multiple days so I will bust my butt to get it done before my deadline time I have set for myself.

Taking A Break Is Biblical

God himself worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th when he created the world. And he wants that for you too. It’s biblical to work hard, serve others and always do the best you can, but after all of that is said and done, it’s just as holy to give yourself a sabbatical and/or taking a break.

Use your day off to reconnect with friends or family and to do something that brings you joy.

I can promise you that by taking a break like this, you will feel so good about returning to work the next day. You will have more energy, creativity and will feel ready to tackle your to do list vs. just dragging your feet to get stuff done.

Talk about your plan to take time off

If you plan to shut your phone off entirely, it’s a good idea to let people know so they don’t start to worry about you if they cannot get ahold of you. It’s also good to let people know you will be taking a sabbatical for some accountability!

Tell your husband that you plan to take every single Sunday off and what you want that to look like for yourself. He can help you stick to the plan by making sure you don’t slip up and start scrolling through Tik Tok all day – Guilty!

This is also good for anyone who does work a more corporate job or has a boss. It sets a boundary that days off are days off and that time away from the office should be respected.  

Make an Idea list for when you are taking a break

As weird as it may sounds, time off could get a little boring! We are constantly tempted to scroll Instagram, or check out phones for that new notification. Sometimes we find it boring to just sit and do nothing when logged off. Weird to think about right?

So instead of laying around the house knowing there are more productive things you could be doing, make a list of stuff to do when you do take those breaks. 

Ideas could be, going to a coffee shop, taking the dog on a walk, laying out by the lake or pool, calling a loved one or taking a vacation.

The Point Is…

My point is, resting is equally as important as breaks. Everything comes in seasons and we should be balancing these things on an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily basis. 

Sometimes getting into rest mode can be harder than work mode but with a little practice it will get easier and easier to shut off your brain and actually enjoy time to yourself.

Remember, you earned it and you deserve it!

So remember to take some time to yourself this week! 

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