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by sarah elrod

Have you ever found yourself sinking deep into a rut and finding it so hard to get inspired? Your creative juices definitely are not flowing and the thought of sitting down at your computer to crank out some work sounds awful because you just feel unmotivated. 

So many times have I sat down at my computer with a to do list that seems to go on forever but the motivation in my heart was simply just lacking. I bet you can relate to this sometimes. The irony is, inspiration usually hits you at the most inconvenient times. For me personally, all of my best business ideas come when I am either in the shower or in the car driving. Not always the easiest time to write something down!

And that can be so frustrating when literally the WORST times of the day are when we feel the most ready to work. But what would you say if I told you that there was something you could do to control when inspiration hits!? What would you say if I told you that the next time you get into a creative funk, there was an easy way to get out of it?

Did you know that Inspiration isn’t something that just appears randomly, even though sometimes it feels like it does. Inspiration is actually something that we have to manifest for ourselves in order to keep it around for periods of time. 

Our best work is done when we are inspired and feeling good, so for those times that we are not, what are some ways we can speed up the process of getting in back? Well, today that is exactly what i am going to teach you! Let’s do this!

Have a Solid Morning Routine

  • A morning routine will set your day up for success from the beginning
  • The more consistent of a schedule you can create for yourself the more likely you are to have peak creative times
  • Studies show that having a good morning routine can improve your overall happiness
  • I am not a morning person by nature but every single day I had a small change to move me closer to my goal to to change my habits
  • You do not have to wake up early to be the most inspired but instead focus on taking mental notes of what times of the day you feel the most inspired or motivated
  • Plan your work day around these peak inspiration times

Taking A Break

  • Sometimes in order to be your most inspired self, you need to shut off and take some time for yourself. There is nothing wrong with needing a break
  • Having some time away can increase productivity and inspiration when you return
  • For more on the topic of taking a break check out this previous blog post here!

Listen To Podcasts Or Music

Business related favorites:

  • Jasmine Star Show
  • Heart & Hustle Podcast
  • Goal Digger Podcast
  • This one! LOL
  • Dean Graziozi Show – millionaire success habits
  • Gary Vee Podcast
  • Mario Forleo Podcast


  • Becoming something podcast
  • Deeper Christian Podcast
  • Homemaker Podcast
  • The Daily Chrisitan Podcast
  • Daily Grace Podcast
  • Crime Junkie
  • Supernatural 
  • Modern Homesteading Podcast
  • Breaking Western Podcast

Go for a Walk or Drive

  • Getting outside to get some fresh air can be a wonderful way of boosting creativity!
  • Working on a hobby that you enjoy (non work related) can also help you feel inspired in other areas of your life
  • Try taking your dog on a walk or going out to do some stretches when you feel that mid day slump kick in

Pray About It

  • When it doubt, pray about it
  • Anytime I feel anything I like to pray about it! Ask God to inspire you, let him know what you are feeling and ask him for clarity or reasoning behind your lack of motivation
  • Diving deep into the word and worshipping God is always one of my favorite ways to get inspired whenever I am feeling a little deflated

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