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Lydia is the owner of the brand Ranchers Wife Life. It’s something she has always dreamed of doing but never had the ability to do so. But recently her audience has grown tremendously and she has really been able to dive into that adventure even more so and grow her brand. Besides her online presence Lydia is also a ranch wife, and a mom to 3 running a ranch in Northern New Mexico.

How Did You Get Started On Social Media?

Lydia’s social media presence really began when she started her direct sales business. She said she knows it is not for everyone but it really is for her and she has been able to find a lot of success within it. Lydia was able to create a sustainable and authentic business through her company and because of that, networking was a huge part of that growth. Her main goal was to find a way to grow without doing the typical things you see such as cold messaging. Her beliefs on growth really stem from a place of authenticity and being a genuine human being.

Lydia says it has always been important to her to build relationships online that felt like the real deal. She wanted to nurture them the same way you would with someone in person. And by doing so, she has been able to really build this beautiful community of Ranch wives that can connect and understand each other. At this time her main focus was on Facebook.

Lydia started her Instagram right before Reels came out and she said she really focused on creating good, quality content there first before adding something else on. The next step for her was TikTok. She started on this platform slowly and was just reposting things from Instagram and so on.

Focusing On One Thing At A Time

A big takeaway from all the growth Lydia has seen on social media is that you cannot try to be good at 500 things at once. You should get really good and consistent in one area before adding on more. When you try to give 100% of yourself in multiple areas you are really only giving a smaller percentage to those things.

Find growth in one channel at a time and THEN start to extend into other ones.

Finding The Golden Opportunity

On the night that Yellowstone Season 4 premiered, Lydia said she saw a golden opportunity and decided to jump on it. As a joke, she posted a TikTok that would resonate with the Yellowstone audience. She says she posted it right after the first episode ended. Her thought process was, this is the time to post this piece of content because as soon as the episode is over, everyone is going to be on TikTok scrolling.

Within 48 hours, the video had 2.5 million views. She went from having 500 followers to 25 thousand. On a platform like TikTok it can be easy to be a one hit wonder. As in, you go viral one time and then you just let the momentum die off. But not Lydia. She saw her shot and took it and decided to ride that rollercoaster.

Lydia continued to post on TikTok and secure the audience she had from Yellowstone content and then began to navigate away from that and move onto more personal content. She started showing more of herself on her page. Lydia says she is not “Yellowstone TikTok” she is Ranch wife TikTok and Cowboy culture TikTok.

Leaning Into Humor As A Ranch Wife

Lydia has really leaned into the humor side of things on the internet and it has been working for her. In an industry where everything is so serious, she chooses to see the comedy in it. It can also be really challenging being a ranch wife and working directly with your husband. Not every couple is built to do that but Lydia says her and her husband can do it quite well. However that doesn’t mean they are perfect and she likes to joke about the things that they struggle with and that others can relate to.


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