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I survived my first year of motherhood! They tell you not to blink because time flies, and you kinda just let it roll off your shoulder because you have heard the cliche before. But when it’s happening to you, you realize just how true it is. I officially have a 1 year old as of July 31st. My mama heart is so full of love and joy but also a sense of bittersweet because this year went by right before my very eyes. Getting to watch your baby grow up and change, and develop in front of you is such a magical thing. It’s like on one hand you don’t want them to get bigger, and on the other you are so excited to watch them cross new milestones. Every day is the new best day ever. But also each new day presents new challenges. And I would be lying if I said I never had moments that brought me to tears of frustration and made me want to scream. Motherhood is no cake walk.


Then Vs. Now


Sometimes when I think about how life used to be before having a baby, I laugh. Because I remember there being so many days where I felt like I never had enough time in the day. Or days where I was so frustrated because I never felt like I could get things done. Oh how I wish I could go back and tell that version of myself just how much free time she really had. Being a stay at home mom means you are the one who needs to entertain, feed, bath, clothe, and generally care for your little one at all times. And that is a tricky situation when you are also trying to run a business. When Stetson was first born, I had this silly notion that I would jump right back into my old work routine prior to baby. Little did I know, even newborns require to be fed a lot, and changed a lot. Now with a 12 month old, it’s a little different. Both easier and harder.

It’s a constant up and down all day long. Typing out a few paragraphs of a blog post and then getting up to hand the baby a snack. Then back to my desk for a few more emails, then up again. Is it the most productive way to accomplish things? Not really. But it truly is my favorite way to spend my days. I know that so many mamas have to leave their babies and head off to work everyday. So even when I am so frustrated, I am grateful for having a life that allows me to spend every moment with my kids and never miss a milestone.


What Motherhood Has Taught Me


This has been the most transformative experiences of my life. I am a much more patient person now. You get no where fast when you have kids, and going out with our friends who don’t have babies has always made me laugh because they get to go places so quickly. While we have to load the diaper bag and the stroller and 500 things the baby might need while we are out.

Motherhood has given me a new sense of self, and made me more selfless. Because if you know, you know. Everything now becomes about them. All their needs, and wants. I have also become really great at multi tasking and doing everything one handed.

Above all else, motherhood has taught me what unconditional love is. You think you love your spouse, until they place that tiny little baby on your chest. And in that very moment, you know you would die for them. Sometimes I just sit and watch Stetson exist and I will get tears in my eyes because I can’t believe he is mine. Even a year into this, and I still feel like someone is going to come take him back. It’s funny how growing up I would babysit other kids or hold other people’s babies and things felt kind of overwhelming. There was so much pressure on being a parent. But once it’s you and you are actually doing it, it really doesn’t feel all that hard. Sure there are moments, but generally speaking, you just do the dang thing.


My Favorite Moments From This Past Year


There are so many moments in this year of motherhood that are favorites for sure. A lot of big milestones anyone would smile over. But truly some of the most special moments are the ones only a mama could love. Like when Stetson sees his Daddy walk through the door in the evening and gets the biggest smile on his face. Especially now that he has 2 little teeth in the front. I love that gappy smile!

Or when I go get him out of his crib after a nap or first thing in the morning and he is standing there smiling at me. Once I pick him up he wraps his little arms around my neck and squeezes. But my favorite of all is his little happy butt wiggle he does. I can’t even explain it, but dang it’s cute.

I love how he loves his dog and his horses. Always wanting to touch them and play with them. This kid is going to grow up in such a fun way, and I am so excited for him to get to the age where he can start riding and throwing a ball. (But I am not in a rush, so slow down!)


To Wrap It Up


You think you love your kid now, and then they get a little bigger or do the next step in life and you love them that much more. In this year of motherhood I have learned so much. Time has felt like it has flown by, but I also feel like it’s taken forever to get to this point. It’s starting to hit me as we are talking about expanding our family, that this is the only year I will probably have with just the 3 of us. Life feels so complicated right now and it will only get more and more crazy as we add to the Elrod bunch. “Mama” is the greatest name I will ever be called and I am so proud of surviving this year and all I have learned. It only gets better from here.

Thank you so much for listening to a piece of my heart today and for coming along this journey with me. I would not be here if it wasn’t for you listeners, and your support. Staying home with my family would not be an option without you all. I mean that. Here’s to year number 2 of the craziest season of my life!













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