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One month of Fallon Jane Elrod


It’s officially been one month of Fallon Jane. Our sweet girl has been everything our family never knew we needed. She is the sweetest addition and my mama heart is definitely a sucker for all the bows and pink right now. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a boy mom. The tractors and trucks and chaos is fun and insane at the same time. But something about a sweet little girl just melts your heart. Plus, I needed a little feminine energy around here. We have all boy animals, and then my husband and son. It was time to give this home a little fluff.

I am still not totally convinced this is all real. I remember with Stetson thinking there is no way he is actually mine. Holding him thinking that at any minute someone was going to come along and take him from me. And that’s how I feel with Fallon too. She is so perfect and I just don’t believe I get to keep her!


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Life as a family of four


Our first month as a family of 4 has looked a lot different than it did doing it with Stetson as a baby. When you are on your second kid, things don’t feel as scary and new. The new baby kinda just blends right into your life. Plus having a toddler, there is not much time to skip a beat. You just make it work somehow. This time around, I am much more relaxed, and confident. I’m also soaking in each phase a little more. I know how fast it goes, so I really don’t want to spend it trying to get on some strict schedule too soon. We are just winging it this time around and I am holding and snuggling her as much as I can. Especially in these early weeks.


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Fallon’s Milestones


Little miss is still very fresh and not doing a ton yet. But she’s gotten a lot more alert recently. She opens her eyes really wide and loves to look at lights. Fallon is a mama’s girl big time right now. Which I do love… but dang does this girl like to be held. Stetson was not super snuggly so this has been an adjustment for me. And my days are not always the most productive because of it. But that’s ok! You better believe I will take the snuggles whenever I can. She was already passed her birth weight at her first doctor appointment, so she’s been a great little eater!

Fallon is also like her brother in the sense that she needs to burp a lot. We dealt with tummy issues with Stetson, and I am really hoping it’s not going to be like that with her. So far, it hasn’t been bad. But we are praying it stays that way!


What we have done with one month of Fallon


Fallon’s first month of life has been spent mostly at home. Taking two kids out in public, especially solo is not for the weak. So I try to be strategic about our trips to town. But I also love going out and showing off our cutie new babe. We celebrated Easter together shortly after she was born. It was a quiet day at home with my parents and it was just what we needed. This month was also about slowly easing back into our new normal. Our family started attending our small group meetings again, and it’s so good to be around our people and have them love on our kiddos. As for me, I have spent this month trying to get the hang of breastfeeding since I formula fed Stetson… this is new for me. But I do love it so far. We have somewhat entered into pumping territory which has me feeling mixed things. Will update later, Ha!


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