April 2024 Social Herd Releases

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April Social Herd content releases, Spring, Florals


The April 2024 Social Herd releases are here!

The Social Herd is a monthly membership that gives you access to new resources each month to level up your social media content as well as access to all the archived content deliverables too. This includes hundreds of caption templates, graphics, stock images, social media templates, educational resources, monthly content calendars and more! Join a community of rural like minded creatives and business owners.




Each Month Members Receive:


On top of all the archived content from previous months, Social Herd members will get….

  • new caption templates
  • new social media templates
  • new graphics
  • new stock images
  • 1 educational resource
  • 1 action plan for the month (content calendar & ideas)


April 2024 Social Herd Releases


Hello April! I think I speak for everyone when I say THANK GOODNESS it’s finally starting to get warmer! I don’t know about you, but where I live, March is still a pretty chilly month, even though I want it so bad to feel like Spring. But now that we have entered into April… I can actually feel the seasonal depression leaving my body as the sun starts to set later and my skin feels warm when I walk outside. It’s such a good time of year, amen?!?

Since April also means the start of a new quarter, I wanted to make a smooth transition into this next month. Tax season is coming to a close, and people are planning for the summer months. Many of us are not interested in sitting around planning out a bunch of content and staring at a computer screen. So inside of the Social Herd this month are quick and easy resources to get you started on the right food without feeling overwhelmed.

There are 30 new caption templates for the month, plus members will get a new educational resource: “How To ACTUALLY Make Money As A Social Herd Affiliate”. Inside the guide, members will learn how to market The Social Herd (or any brands they might be an affiliate for) in more ways than just posting about it on social media. Including email funnels, blog posts, Pinterest, etc.

Now on to the REALLY good stuff and everyone’s favorites: the visual content drops! There are new graphics coming to our members, plus new social media templates, and new stock images! Get a preview below!


New Graphics:


Cottage Core Graphics


New Stock Images:


Social Herd Camera flat lay stock image Social Herd keyboard stock image Social Herd western knives stock image Social Herd bible and glasses stock image Social Herd chaps stock image


Pinterest Pin Templates:


Western Pinterest pin templates


Other Resources



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There is also a good chance I am buying way too many outfits from western boutiques.

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