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Do you know what invisible drivers are? They are essentially secrets to success that you can’t see in your business. Have you ever thought about why two different people in the same industry, the same niche, can do the exact same thing but get extremely different results in their inquiries, or whatever results they were hoping for? Maybe you know exactly what I am talking about. Especially if you are new to starting a business, you are probably looking at other people in your industry and trying to copy+paste what they are doing because if it works for them, it will work for you…right?

There could be a variety of reasons why certain strategies work for one person but not another, but one of the main things is because the person who has found success has most likely implemented invisible drivers within their business to keep things moving along. So what are invisible drivers?

These are things from the outside that you can’t see but they are there and at play, working to help move the needle in your business. If marketing your business so far has just meant posting a photo on Instagram every day, it’s time to step up your game. And start implementing systems that are going to make you stand out and not just blend in with everyone else in your industry. Because the fact is, it really doesn’t matter how saturated your industry is… There could be a million people doing EXACTLY what you do in the same way you do it… and you can all still find success in your own ways based on what we are talking about today.


Types Of Invisible Drivers You Can’t See In Business


Your work isn’t the only way you can get new clients. I know you want to be the best photographer, or have the cutest clothes in your boutique, or draw the prettiest graphics as a designer, and sure… these things of course can help your business grow. Building up your craft is a great way to build your business. But it’s not the only way. You do not have to be “the best” in order to make people believe you are. Let me say that again.

You DO NOT have to have a top tier product, to provide a top tier service. At the end of the day, people remember how you make them feel MORE than what you gave them. If you give them the prettiest photos on the planet but have them a crappy experience, they are forever going to think your photos are not actually that great. And this “feeling” you are creating for them, begins before someone ever even books you or purchased from you.


Invisible Needle Movers:

  • brand voice
  • your message
  • your unique approach
  • Showing up/online presence


Brand Voice


Yep, believe it or not, the way you speak can actually set you apart from others in your industry. Your voice might be invisible to the naked eye, but it makes a huge impact on your brand! For example: let’s say it is part of your branding to cuss. Yes, some people really do make that a part of their branding. Some people will be really drawn to that and LOVE when someone drops and F bomb on Instagram while others are turned off by it. This “pull and push” is the IDEAL scenario. Because remember, not everyone is your client. We are trying to find those raving fans for you. So even if you are pushing people away, that means your marketing is working and you are that much closer to finding those dream clients.

Think about your favorite social media influencers or YouTubers. They all have a unique way of talking, right? Whether it’s using specific slang words, a particular tone, or a certain style, their way of communicating sets them apart from others. That’s their brand voice. Brand voice is like your own personal style of speaking, but for a business or organization. It’s how they talk and express themselves through their marketing, website, social media posts, and customer interactions. Just like influencers use their voice to connect with their followers, businesses use their brand voice to connect with their target audience. I actually did another episode on finding your brand voice that you can listen to here!


Here’s why brand voice is important for businesses:


  1. Standing out: In a world where there are countless brands and companies, having a unique brand voice helps businesses be different. It’s like having your own personality that makes you special. When a brand sounds different from others and has its own style, it catches people’s attention and makes them remember it.
  2. Building trust: You know how you follow your favorite influencers because you trust them? A strong brand voice does the same thing. It helps businesses build trust with their customers. When a brand consistently speaks in a way that matches its values and beliefs, it shows that it’s authentic and reliable. That’s important because more and more people value authenticity and wants to support brands they trust.
  3. Creating a connection: Remember when you watch videos or read posts from people you love and it feels like they really get you? That’s because their brand voice connects with you on a deeper level. The same goes for businesses. When a brand has a voice that speaks to your interests, uses language you understand, and shares your values, it creates a strong connection. That connection makes you feel like the brand understands you and cares about your needs.
  4. Expressing the brand’s personality: This is my favorite invisible driver! Just like you have your own personality, businesses have their own too. Brand voice helps express that personality and shape how people see the brand. For example, a brand might have a fun and casual voice to appeal to a younger audience, or a more professional and serious voice if they target businesses. The way a brand communicates tells you a lot about what they stand for and what they’re like.
  5. Making communication clear: Have you ever come across a brand’s website or social media post that was confusing or hard to understand? A well-defined brand voice helps avoid that. When a brand knows how to talk in a consistent tone and style, it makes it easier for you to understand their messages. It’s like when your favorite influencers have a consistent way of speaking that you’re used to. It makes it clear and easy to follow.


So, brand voice is like a brand’s unique way of talking and expressing itself. It helps businesses stand out, build trust, connect with their audience, show their personality, and communicate clearly. Just like you’re drawn to influencers who have their own voice, businesses with a strong brand voice can capture your attention and make you feel connected to them.


The Message You Convey


The message you convey in your business is another invisible driver. It’s how you explain to people what you’re all about and why they should care. This is your “WHY”. Take the company TOMS for example. They are more than just a shoe company. They have a whole message and mission behind selling shoes. Buy a pair, give a pair is what they say. Having a strong and impactful message can create and emotional connection to your brand. And emotions are the goal in marketing. Maybe you are trying to pull at heart strings, make someone laugh, or even make someone mad enough to purchase from you.

People take action based on emotion. And your overall message behind what you do is how you create it. SO think about it, what kind of emotion do you want to make people feel when they think about your brand? Your message helps people understand what your business is all about. It’s like giving them a clear picture of what you do, what you stand for, and why they should be interested. When your message is clear and easy to understand, it helps people quickly grasp what you’re offering.


The Approach You Take


I bet when you look at your industry it’s easy to feel like such a small fish or even invisible yourself. You do the same job as a million other people. But you ALL do it vastly different. Your job, is to be able to clearly communicate how and why you do it differently. And to ensure that your ideal clients are the right fit for you because of how you uniquely do things. I personally think this one in particular is the most important out of all the topics we will cover in this episode because it really does separate you the most. What is your workflow like? Are you just doing the bare minimum and calling it good?

The experience we are offering our clients can be a huge transformation in our businesses. Do you go above and beyond just what you promise your clients? Or are you giving them exactly what they expect? Something also I want to note is that you need to be tying the elements we have discussed together. Meaning, if your branding is very loud and bright and neon colors, but your messaging and voice you are using is very quiet and soft, it’s not going to mesh well and can create confusion. Think about things you offer clients that they can ONLY get from you specifically. Do you offer helpful guides when someone books you? What about phone consultations or planning sessions? Or offering personal styling? 1:1 time? Whatever that looks like, make sure you are talking about it and communicating it with your audience.


Showing Up Online


The cold and hard truth is, people are more likely to book someone who is more actively showing up online than someone who isn’t. If someone is choosing to purchase a t shirt from you or another brand, they are likely going to go with the person who is showing their face on stories, really inviting them into the brand. To be a part of the story. If all you do is post photos of the products, thats okay…. but likely will not drive the kind of impact you are likely hoping to create. When you show up online, you want to be including all the previous things we spoke about. Talk in your brand voice. Which is probably just the way you normally talk to a friend, if you are a personal brand. Don’t try to put on a “professional voice” or your customer service voice. Just be you.

Your WHY is more powerful than you probably think it is. In fact it is one of the most crucial invisible drivers. Not just to motivate you, but to build that emotional connection with others. And of course, make sure to show up in your unique way. Express the things that you do differently and be proud of them. Be confident that what you offer is something they can get from no one else. The more you talk about it, the more inquiries you will get. I promise you. Yes it takes time, but if you are consistent and stick to it, the results are going to blow your mind.


In Conclusion


So that’s about it. Those are the secrets to success you can’t see, but they are there. And those who use them, understand how much of an impact they have on moving the needle in their business. I hope you found this episode helpful and inspiring to get out there and start building up the back end of your business. You are more than just a small fish in a big sea. Remember that.





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