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Do you ever feel like you have all the things you need, your business is set up to a T. You have the website, the social platforms, the educational resources and then some, but yet, you are still not able to make any progress in your business?

You are stuck feeling like “what am I missing?”

What do you do when you feel like you are doing everything you possibly can but still, nothing seems to be working? You have come to the right place! Because in this episode of the Branded Cowgirl Podcast, I am sharing my best advice on why you are not making the progress in your business that you want.

My hope is to guide you along into a strategic and tangible framework to help you get unstuck and get those wheels turning again.

Why You Aren’t Seeing Progress

When I was in a season of feeling like nothing was working in my business, and trust me there has been more than one… I always felt like it was because of me. Something I was doing must have been wrong. Maybe I wasn’t made out for this kind of career. Maybe I am just not a very like-able person. All kinds of untrue and extremely negative thoughts came into my brain.

But let me tell you something. When you are telling yourself all of those negative things about yourself. When you are constantly beating yourself up and putting yourself up, how can you ever expect yourself to thrive?

You cannot run over a ball with your car over and over again and still expect that ball to roll and bounce. It just won’t work.

Be Kind To Yourself

I could give you business advice all day long. I could tell you how to market yourself perfectly and what to post and when to post it. But when it comes down to it, even if you are doing everything I say, if you are NOT being kind to yourself and boosting yourself up, you are never going to find success.

You have to understand something about business. As a business owner, you are never going to have it all together all the time. And as a general rule, things do not work out. It’s a harsh truth but can also be a beautiful one.

Business ownership is not about having the right answers all the time, or having the most time to get things done. It’s about the processes in between. It’s about working hard to solve challenges and fix problems and learn new things.

When you can start to acknowledge to yourself that you are doing OK where you are at, and that it is OK to slow down and actually sit in the season you are in.. that is when I believe you are going to thrive.

Be Honest With What It Takes

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And I do mean that seriously. Some of you listening might have businesses already but will soon figure out that this is NOT for you. And guess what? That is okay. That’s beautiful actually. It doesn’t make you a failure. The only true way to fail is to never try in the first place.

Having the self awareness to be able to say “I tried this, and turns out, it’s not for me” is WONDERFUL okay?? That doesn’t mean you suck, or that your true passion isn’t waiting for you now.

You do not have to be embarrassed if it doesn’t work out the way you think it should. And you also don’t have to quit entirely either. Sometimes all that is needed is a little pivot.

Define What Progress Looks Like

I think one of the biggest things every entrepreneur needs to ask themself at one point or another is “what does progress actually look like for me?” What is success? After all, this episode is titled “Why Your Business Is Not Making Progress”

But progress is not an objective thing. It’s very subjective and different for everyone.

So what is progress? Making a bunch of money? How much exactly is it going to take for you to feel like you have made it? Is progress being able to serve more people? Is it having more time to do what you want to do outside of your business? What is stopping you?

I know that one of the biggest carrots we are chasing as business owners is money. And I am not saying money is not important. Believe me. I know what it’s like to be scraping by paycheck to paycheck and wondering when you are ever going to feel a sense of comfortability.

For me, my success came when my fears and worries and stresses went out the door. When I started spending more time with God and focused more on treating clients compassionately and serving people right where I was. Showing up on social media and creating free content for the sake of serving others is what launched my business into more and more financial success.

I know it’s easier said than done. But I have done it. And you can too.

I’m not saying you have to do what I did exactly, because your version of self reflection might be different than mine.

For me, I needed to be grounded in the Lord and take the pressure off myself mentally (even though it was still there in theory) I am a believer that things always seem to work them out and God provides.

In Conclusion

There could really be so many reasons why your business is not progressing. I know not the answer you wanted to hear. But step one to figuring it out is to make sure you actually believe in yourself and are kind to yourself.

You need to know that this is something you CAN do. Because if you don’t believe it, why should anyone else?

Once you have the confidence and the motivation, then everything else can start to fall into place. You’ve got this!



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