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On this episode I have Elise Nicole, who is an authenticity mentor and intuitive guide. Her life passion is to support women with embodying their most authentic expression, magnetizing their dreams and living their most aligned life. She thrives on holding space for you to claim your birthright of limitless radiance. She LOVES to activate a deep remembering of your signature Soul medicine propelling you towards Self-leadership and empowered living.

Elise Nicole offers intimate client sessions, life changing courses and speaking engagements and transformational healing events. With a grounded and spiritually charged approach, she brings ancient wisdom to the modern world.

But this girl is so much more than your spiritual bestie. She is a gun shooting, horse riding, swing dancing kinda gal. A united states veteran, a follower of Christ, and literally so much more. When I tell you this lady does it all, I really do mean it.

My conversation with her absolutely blew me out of the water. I left our chat feeling so fulfilled and motivated to be a better version of myself and I know you will too!

We talk about limiting beliefs in entrepreneurship, finding balance, and confidence, and making our own unique mark on this world. We dive deep into the intrusive thoughts and traumas that so many of us have and how to overcome those to be a better version of yourself and to choose a path in life that is going to be the best for you!

Elise Nicole’s Story

Something you would probably never expect from Elise Nicole, is that she was in the Untied States Coast Guard working as a diesel mechanic. I know, what a freaking badass she is!

Elise Nicole got stationed in Hawaii and says she was totally head first into the spiritual world. While in Hawaii she started dancing Hula and her teacher really taught her the science behind spirituality and showed her that it’s not just some “woo woo” thing.

By day, she was this hardcore mechanic military gal, and by night Elise was covered in oil at the Yoga studio growing closer to God and the divine.

After spending 6 years in the coast guard, Elise got out of the military and became a mom. And unfortunately her and her children’s father began to separate. In that same time frame, Elise Nicole suffered a panic attack for the first time in her life. As terrifying of an experience as that was for her, she said it changed the trajectory of her life.

She decided to take action and through lots of trial and error, Elise was able to heal her own anxiety and panic attacks. Now, she teaches other how to do the same by self empowerment and spirituality through her mentorships, courses, and other resources.

How To Step Into Your Own Passions

One of the biggest things you can do for yourself is getting really clear on what you desire. Elise Nicole says this goes beyond just creating a vision board, but instead focuses on the emotions that you crave to have in your life. Think about what kind of feeling you want to live in.

Then, ask yourself what success means to you. Does it mean financial stability? More time freedom? Break down what those things would do for you emotionally and mentally.

You need to unpack any traumas and experiences you have gone through that may be presenting you with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Addressing those situations and stories head on is going to help you be able to move forward in the direction you want to go instead of falling into victim mode.

Make sure to tune into episode 116 to hear the full conversation!


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