What to do when you don’t want to create content

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What to do when you don’t want to create content



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Ever have those days where you know you need to post something, but you just don’t want to create content. You are feeling so burnt out and have zero energy to come up with an idea for what to actually post about. Friend, I have been there so many freaking times. Even as someone who loves to create content and who totally nerds out over this stuff, I have my days where I cannot even begin to think about writing another post or recording another podcast episode.

So I wanted to share my 4 best tips that I think will help you whenever you are in a content creation rut.


Repurpose high performing content


There are several ways to repurpose content from the past. But essentially what you want to do is go back into your analytics and see what performed the best. If it’s evergreen content (content that makes sense no matter what time year, season, etc. it is) you can go back and repost basically the exact same post. This is the kind of content that stands the test of time and you can literally copy and paste every part of it to go through a second wave.

By doing this you can pretty much assure yourself that it will perform well, potentially lead to sales, and help your overall marketing strategy.

You can also repurpose the format of old content as well. Maybe you have a really high performing video that you want to use again but you have no energy to get in front of the camera. Instead you can take the content mentioned in the video and turn it into an Instagram carousel. Make sense?


Utilize older content that hasn’t been published yet


Another thing you can do if you don’t want to create content, is lean on old content. Things like zoom meetings, Instagram lives, etc. You can pull clips from these things and use them as new, engaging content. You would be shocked at how much additional content you can build off of one bigger, older piece.


Lean on B-Roll or stock images/videos


If you are a photo and video hoarder like me, chances are your phone is already filled with a bank of b-roll content you could use right now. I’m talking about slapping up a video you recorded of yourself typing away at your desk and putting some text over the top of it that causes people to want to read your caption.

Yes, it really can be that simple. Work smarter not harder my friend. Stock videos and images can also be useful when you don’t want to create content. But should only be used for desperate times. People typically don’t engage as well with this kind of content as they do when your own face is in it. Done is better than perfect.


Use templated resources


If you are someone who wants to have resources handed to you every single month to make the content creation process more simplified, I got you! The Social Herd is my content resource membership. It provides hundreds of social media templates, caption templates, graphics, images, and more. Not to mention there is education and community as well so you are always learning and growing too! Click here to get all the details!




There will be many times as an entrepreneur that you don’t want to create content. But stuff still needs to get done anyway. My hope is that this post encourages you to find other ways of creating without having to strain your brain in ways that it just isn’t prepared for. A solid content creation and repurposing strategy is easier than you think!!


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