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If not creating video content has been holding you back in your business, then this is the post for you!

A couple months ago the CEO of Instagram came out and said that Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app. And now, Video has basically become top priority for the app. This is of course due to the fact that Instagram’s top competitor TIK TOK has basically taken over the world. 

Now the way I see it, as a business owner you have a couple of options…

Stay where you are at and refuse to cave into society’s trends OR lean into where the world is moving and add your own flavor to it.

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way, however you may find yourself falling behind if you are too stubborn to keep up. It’s a harsh wake up call but it’s the truth.

My personal experience with Video Content

Wedding photos vs. wedding video. I knew I always wanted a wedding video because it just impacts you a lot more than photos can. A picture is worth a thousand words but with video you are brought right back into the moment, hearing voices, seeing movements, etc. 

I actually started out with video content before I ever decided to become a wedding photographer.

When I got my first camera I would go out and make these little videos of my horse and add music to them. Basically like these really artsy, slightly depressed teenager montages

But making those videos was really healing to me throughout some of the most challenging times of my life

Why I prefer video content as an entrepreneur

  • It’s faster to create
    • I can pump out 10 reels in a day vs. going out to take a bunch of photos actually seems to take me more time
  • It’s less about perfection
    • We are in an age where perfection is not as important as it used to be. People are wanting to be entertained more than they are wanting to see perfectly posed photos. This is GOOD if you are the kind of person who feels like it is too much work to make video content or if you get caught up in it not being “professional quality”
  • More Relatable / Builds connection
    • Video content gives us a connection with people we follow without ever having to meet them. We can see the way people behave, talk, move, act, and so on. Again, something that was not really possible when it was just photos.

Video Content And Your Business Model

Service Based Businesses:

  • Video content is great for you because as a service based business you probably want to work with people that vibe well with you. Through videos you have a great way of showing off your personality. This is going to attract and repel people from your brand which means you are more likely to get inquiries from people that love you for YOU

Product Based Businesses:

  • If you own a shop or sell products of some kind, then video content is a great way to show off what you sell in a more creative way than just taking a photo of it.
  • You can show the process of making the product or all the work that goes into getting the products that you sell. What this is going to do is actually make your products appear more valuable (cha-ching) because people can see the backend work that goes into it

Online Based Businesses:

  • If you are solely an online business, then video content is right up your alley. Videos are a great way at providing free value to eventually link to your offers. 
  • Let’s say you create some kind of online product you want to sell. You can use video content to create marketing pieces that will help promote that offer you made. 
  • As an online business, producing video content is going to put you in a place of authority amongst your competitors.

Ways to Incorporate Videos Into Your Business

1. Record a behind the scenes footage

2. Do a LIVE Q+A

3. Make reels to trending sounds in relation to your niche 

4. Take people on a day in the life on your stories 

5. Do a training on stories

6. Share what you sell in a fun Reel 

7. Make an introducing video on IGTV 

8. Offer tips and tricks for whatever your niche may be 

Key Points:

1. The world is changing and video content has taken over. We have seen it move this way starting with YouTube, then photo sharing apps such as Instagram beginning to add things like IGTV, stories, and now Reels + Tik Tok

2. People feel more connected to a video vs. a photo (allows people to feel like they were there without actually being there)

3. People are getting lazier, and video content is easier to digest than written content. When you post a photo with a caption, some people may read it but I could guarantee that a video saying the same thing as the caption would perform better. It’s less effort to watch/listen vs. read 

Other Tips:

  • Don’t get caught up in the idea of perfection!
    • Do not wait until you have a better camera or know how to edit a cool video.. you’ll never take action 
  • Batch create your videos to save time!
  • Grab your phone and go out and create!

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