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The Social Herd is a monthly membership that gives you access to new resources each month to level up your social media content as well as access to all the archived content deliverables too. This includes hundreds of caption templates, graphics, stock images, social media templates, educational resources, monthly content calendars and more! Join a community of rural like minded creatives and business owners. There is so much to explore inside… check out some of the main resources included below:


Hundreds Of Caption Templates


If you struggle with writing captions for your social media posts that will actually convert your followers into paying customers, fear not! The Social Herd provides hundreds of caption templates for you to choose from that fall into a variety of categories. Some of which have proven sales copy, while others will take your relationship with your followers to a more meaningful and deeper level. With new caption templates being added every single month, it’s nearly impossible to not have anything to say on any given day. Just pick a photo or video you want to post, (either from your own camera roll or from the Social Herd image gallery) add in your caption and press post! It really is that simple! Curious what categories the caption templates fall into? I will list them out below!


Social Herd Caption Template Categories:

  • About you
  • Behind the scenes
  • Your product and services (showcasing them) + captions that sell
  • Encouragement posts
  • Holidays and special occasion posts
  • Industry specific posts
  • Rural lifestyle posts
  • Affiliate marketing posts



Western & rural inspired stock images Inside Social Herd


Sometimes the words to use is not the problem. For some, it’s not having a good photo to use in their post. Well boo, I have you covered in the image department also! Inside the Social Herd is a gallery of western/rural inspired stock images taken by yours truly (a professional western photographer!) These images are FREE to use when you are a member, and crediting is optional!


Some ideas on where to post these images include:

  • In social media posts
  • On your website
  • In email newsletters
  • In your blog posts
  • And whatever else you can think of!



Social Media templates to use and customize


Looking for some cool social media templates to post on your platforms or to customize for running promotions/sales? The Social Herd membership offers tons of customizable templates to use at your convenience. Everything from feed posts to social stories posts. All templates are customizable inside of Canva. Choose the one you like, and follow the link to adjust the colors and fonts to fit your brand. Then swipe some copy from the caption template gallery, and Bam! You have the perfect post!



Social Herd Education resources to further your content creation skills


We do not just stop at offering templates! The Social Herd also offers trainings and educational resources so that you are never behind on your content creation journey! There are step by step tutorials, mindset shifts and more! Curious about some of the educational resources inside the membership already?


Here are just some of them:

  • How To Make An Extra $100 This Month By Selling Digital Products
  • How To Create Content When You Don’t Have An Aesthetic Life
  • Email Marketing Fundamentals
  • Step By Step How To Create Your First Freebie Opt In
  • And many many more!



Graphics & Vectors


The Social Herd offers monthly graphics and vectors delivered to you each month that you can use for social media, your website and other marketing materials. Add a little flair to your business and stand out from everyone else in your industry!



Other Resources Inside The Social Herd


The possibilities of what might come out at any given month is truly endless! The Social Herd really has no limits and I pride myself on making sure this membership is your one stop shop for building out the most epic content calendar ever. Besides everything already mentioned, as a member you will also get links for discounts on my favorite resources, platforms to make your content creation process smoother, and exclusive offers. Also you will get monthly action plans with a full month worth of content laid out and sent to you so you never need to question what to post or to inspire you for how to approach an upcoming month.

But that’s not all my friend! The Social Herd also offers and epic Affiliate program for members! Meaning, if you get someone to join the membership using your link, your membership for that month will be paid for! Just one sign up per month and you get access to all the goodness inside SH for FREE! Plus any additional signups after that is just extra money in your pocket!


Ready To Dive In?



I'm Sarah Elrod

The Podcast

Rural Lifestyle



I'm a Cowgirl turned serial entrepreneur.
I'm a horse trainer, western wedding photographer, business coach and ranch wife.
I help women in the western industry grow thriving businesses from rural America.
When I am not strategizing new marketing tactics, you will find me riding my horses, cuddling my cattle dog, or kissing my hot husband.
There is also a good chance I am buying way too many outfits from western boutiques.

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