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Should you start a side hustle?



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“Side hustle” is such a buzz word these days and it seems like almost everyone has one. We are all out here trying to chase this dream of more freedom, more money and leaving the 9-5 culture behind. If you’ve been feeling that bubble in your tummy to explore what a ‘side hustle’ could look like for you, or how some additional income could change your family’s life, you have come to the right place.


For about 10 years now, I have been an entrepreneur. I’ve done a lot of different things from train horses professionally to photographing hundreds of weddings, and kinda everything in between. I started my podcast as a business venture and passion project, and now my latest venture is my content membership The Social Herd. My ever changing heart will always keep me busy I guess and I love that. But it kinda hit me the other day that for so long, what I did to make money was my business. It was a full time income and I was thriving. But since getting married, and having babies, things have kinda shifted for me. My full time gig is now being mom.


It’s weird to think that nowadays… I would consider my business more of a side hustle. Purposely, I cut back and scaled down so much that I don’t really know where to draw the line on it. My ego somewhat took a hit when the thought crossed my mind. But then I quickly reminded myself just how cool it is to have built something for myself and for my life that allows me to fluctuate my workload in seasons where it makes sense. Being a business owner is such a wild ride and most definitely not for the weak. And no matter what, side hustle or not – it’s still a business at it’s core.


P.S. If you are wanting some step by step instructions on how to actually start a side gig, check out this post!


01) You want to turn your hobby into your full time career


What’s that one thing in your life that just lights you up? The thing you could do or talk about for hours and never get bored? Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be your own boss and do that thing every waking moment of the day and actually get paid for it? If you said YES… then there’s a good chance you are ready for a side hustle!


02) You want another stream of income


Let’s be real. In this society, having more income streams is never a bad idea. Times are tough and money is tight for everyone. When you have a successful side hustle, you are getting more out of it that just the satisfaction of working for yourself. You are also getting more income! And truly the best part of owning a business is there is not limit to how much you can make. So shoot for the stars because you don’t have to report to anyone else and ask for a raise when you want to make more money. If this kind of control over your life makes you want to cry happy tears, you my friend might just be ready for a side hustle!


03) You no longer want to trade your time for money


How cool would it be to have income coming in without physically having to be present? Pretty awesome right? Sidle hustles and businesses give you the chance to bring in income without having to lay your soul on the line to collect a paycheck. If you want to be in full control of your time, and make money while you sleep, or create, or travel, a sidle hustle could be perfect for you!


04) You want more control over where your life is going


Do you ever look into the future and feel discouraged or less than excited about where you might be headed? If the road you are currently walking feels bumpy or fragile, and the thought of always reporting to someone else until the day you die makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry… a side hustle is going to be your jam.


Are you ready for a side hustle?


If you agreed with several of the points mentioned in this post, then I think it’s a really clear YES! You are ready to start a side hustle and begin the journey of working for yourself. But now that you know this, what comes next? After all, a side hustle still means you have a main source of income. How does one balance that and build a business at the same time?

I wish there was a one size fits all to this question or a simple answer but frankly there isn’t. In the beginning of getting a side hustle off the ground, you are going to have to work harder than ever before and put in the hours to move things along. Don’t worry this part is only temporary!

The key is to just start. Because if you do that, you are already going to be ahead of 99% of the other people. Don’t let that dream stay a dream forever. So many people think they have the itch or the drive to get something going, but they never actually take action to move things along or start.

Things like fear of failure, or shame, embarrassment or even just the lack of knowing what could happen are all things that hold people back. Trust in yourself and know that this is something you want more than anything. Let that drive push you forward. You can do this!


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I'm a Cowgirl turned serial entrepreneur.
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I help women in the western industry grow thriving businesses from rural America.
When I am not strategizing new marketing tactics, you will find me riding my horses, cuddling my cattle dog, or kissing my hot husband.
There is also a good chance I am buying way too many outfits from western boutiques.

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