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Don’t you wish there was some kind of formula you could follow to craft the perfect social media post? Well, there actually is! And on this episode of The Branded Cowgirl Podcast, I am breaking it down for you! After listening, you will know the elements of crafting the perfect social media post and how to use them to be the most effective online. In fact, you will be able to whip out 7 days of content in under 20 minutes. Sound good? Let’s do this!


Difference between being on social media and using social media


When we are “on” social media, we are often times being very passive. This usually looks like scrolling mindlessly for 45 minutes and never accomplishing anything productive. On the other hand, “using” social media is typically when we are being intentional about our time spent on any given platform. This can look like posting, engaging, or fostering community of sorts.


Why is social media important?


    • Most people spend a majority of their time on social media
    • people pay attention
    • its free


Key points for the perfect social media post


  • Types
  • Categories
  • Visuals
  • Consistency


Type of content


You want to choose what type of content you plan to post on social media first. That can be anything from photos, to videos, carousels, or live content. This will give you a good idea of where to go next, once you know the format. There is no right or wrong answer to what type of content is assigned to what day. Do what works for you, and maybe try stepping outside of your comfort zone from time to time. Don’t forget to include the days you choose to NOT post anything! That is part of planning also!




Once you know what type of content you are going to post on any given day, the next step of a perfect post is choosing a category. Remember, not everything you post will have to do with your business. In fact, much of what you post likely will have nothing to do with your business. You want to be sharing things that make you, YOU! Not just selling all the time! Some good category examples are: inspirational content, behind the scenes content, about you, etc. The goal is to get your followers to engage with you by commenting, sharing, and going beyond just a “like”. One of my favorite ways to utilize these categories is by sharing stories. Your “why” can be such a powerful story that you share on a regular basis. Don’t forget to remind people how/why you got started doing what you do.




The visual element to crafting the perfect social media post is what catches someones eye and makes them think of your brand when they see a photo, video, graphic, etc. This is is the imagery you choose to pair with a given caption that goes with your content type. What are some visuals you can use for your business?


  • Photographers: Cameras, laptops, coffee mugs, SD cards
  • Personal Trainer: Dumb bells, water bottles, healthy foods, workout clothes
  • Hair Stylist: Scissors, hair styles, colors, combs, products you use and love



Finally, you want to decide how many times per week you are going to post. Will it be every day? Twice per week? You can choose whatever you want but make sure to stick to it!


Example of the “perfect” schedule put together:

  • Mondays:
    • Type – Photo
    • Category – Inspiration
    • Visual – Quote graphic
  • Wednesdays:
    • Type – Long form video
    • Category – Behind The Scenes
    • Visual – Clips of you sitting at your desk working
  • Fridays:
    • Type – Short form video
    • Category – About me
    • Visual – Dancing video with text popping on the screen with fun facts


If you found this helpful, then make sure to check out this episode where I teach you about outdated Instagram tactics.


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