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There is something you need to stop letting live in your head rent free my friend. That thing.. is the opinions of others.

These days, everyone has an opinion about everything. We are all so vocal and want to share our thoughts about literally every single topic out there.

Politics, healthcare, motherhood, marriage, business, school, jobs, etc. In a world where people are sharing everything they do online, they are also saying every single thought that comes into their mind.

While I love that we are free to express ourselves and that we live in a country that allows us the freedom to say what we feel… it can be a double ended sword that can come back to stab us if we are not careful.

The first time I ever experienced social media

It wasn’t until I was 14 years old when I was allowed to get a facebook account. My parents didn’t allow me to have a myspace or anything like that so Facebook was my first real social media ever.

And let me tell you I was a spitfire. Others may say I was passionate but regardless of how you phrase it, I used to be the one getting into typing wars with people on facebook about stuff i didn’t agree with.

Mouthing off to someone over a dumb post was an exciting Friday night for me. Being all tough and bad behind my computer screen. All I can do is cringe when I think back on it because how embarrassing was that? Did I really think I could change someone’s mind over a social media post?

Even though I have been the one expressing my opinions, I have also been the one of the receiving end of it too. The side where someone gave me their unnecessary opinion that I never asked for. Online, in person and behind my back when they didn’t think I knew what they were saying. Can you relate?

The Harsh Realization about the opinions of others

People are going to judge you no matter what you do in life.

They will judge you if you wake up early, or if you sleep in.

You will be judged if you have a dog or if you have a cat.

People will judge you if you decide to lose weight or if you tell them you need to gain some weight.

It’s pretty fascinating honestly. That the human race is so obsessed with making sure everyone knows what they are thinking at all times.

So what are you going to do about it?

So if you already know that no matter what choice you make, someone is going to have something bad to say about it, why not just do the thing you want to do? Why not just go for whatever risky decision it is that you feel like taking?

You get one life to live… do not waste it trying to make others happy. Because you will never be able to. You cannot make it your life goal to make those around you happy. No matter who they are or how close they might be to you. Burn out will take over if you try to make their happiness your end goal.

Find what lights your soul on fire and go after it. Do it big and if you fail? So what? At least you tried.

Comfort Zones, Safety Nets, the opinions of others

I was judged for wanting to ride horses and when I bought my own people had a lot of different things to say about it. But I did it anyway and I was so proud. Pretty much everyone disagreed with my decision to fly to Montana to go meet Tyler. But I did it anyway and it worked out. They judged me for wanting to start a business, and then another one, and another one. People didn’t like the way I trained horses, how I took photos, how I teach business to others.

The opinions of others and all the negativity could easily tear me down and put me into a little ball if I let it. But I refuse to let it. Pushing past them for my whole life is what brought me to my husband, what brought me to owning a business, getting horses and so on.

When you stay at someone else’s comfort zone, THEY feel safe.
When you excel, they take it as offensive because you are leaving them behind.

THEY choose comfort. You choose growth. You cannot have growth without a little risk.


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