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It’s officially 2024 and I thought it might be a good time to do some new year reflections. How cliché of me, I know. But each passing year looks so different than the last and I am sitting here wondering where I am headed. What are we working towards right now? A couple of years ago I decided to not make any new year resolutions and dang. That was a freeing feeling. Going into January 1st with no expectations is actually somewhat wild if you think about it. So many people are setting these silly goals. Drink more water. Exercise more. You know the drill. Just to drop the fall in 2 weeks and forget that ever even happened.

I guess you can consider this post like a journal entry. I’m here to drop my thoughts, and my inner most feelings. And maybe in a way, just brain dump what has been on my mind lately. If that’s your cup of tea, then let’s get into it.


Reflecting back on 2023


  • Stetson turned one and has grown a lot
  • I have given up a lot of my workload and focused in on being a mom and homemaker
  • Found more peace in where we live vs. always wanting more (Nevada is starting to feel like home).


Current Life Update


I am pregnant with our second child


A little girl. And this pregnancy has been much more challenging than my first. Much of that due to the fact that I have a toddler who requires a lot of attention and energy. People keep asking me how it’s going, how I am feeling or just what week I am on. Frankly, if it wasn’t for my app, I would have no idea how many weeks pregnant I was. At this point in time there is roughly two months left and I feel like I have 0 things done. I’m pretty stressed about it all, but I also know that it will come together. At least, I have a month or two to move past the holidays and just think about baby girl!


I’m in my slow season for work


For me that looks like scaling back a ton on photography. I have officially stepped out of the wedding world aside from my team. And I am focusing much more on branding photos and smaller sessions. Western brands interested in working together, reach out here!


Feeling refreshed after the holidays are over


  • I love a new year, new start
  • I love Mondays
  • Anything that feels fresh and new and like starting over


Season of Sacrifice


Our church is holding an initiative right now and for the next two years called “For the One”. It’s heavily focused on helping the mental health crisis here in Reno as well as pushing us as Christians in our generosity. Overall, I love what it’s all about. But it has definitely put us to the test in more ways than one. Especially financially. There are many months when we question how we will be able to afford something, but that’s kinda the whole point of this I suppose. To lean on faith and not your own understanding. And to believe that God will provide. But it’s hard when we cannot afford to buy our own house under these circumstances. Lately I have felt a lot of spiritual warfare. I have felt bitter at God at times. Then right back to feeling gratitude for all he has given me.


Will we ever be able to buy a house? Do we even want to?


I struggle with the thought of buying a home in Reno. Because of course I want to. I want to own our own little piece of land and have something we call ours. But Reno is not forever for us. So on the other hand, I am content in renting our little ranch house, and waiting until we can finally get out of here and shoot back up to Montana. Not to mention the dang market right now is ridiculous. I know there are people out there who will say we should just buy a house in town. Get rid of the horses for a while and sacrifice in that way until we can get where we need to be to buy our dream place. But as stubborn as it sounds, that just is not an option for me. God put this on our hearts for a reason. I feel like I am where I need to be. And just because my timeline thinks we should be getting there faster, doesn’t mean his is doing the same.


Goals and Prayers for the new year


  • Healthy and happy babies, and parents
  • That I am able to find balance being a SAHM of 2, while also trying to run my business
  • That our trucking business has another successful year and more growth
  • That Tyler is able to move up in his company, but with that hopefully comes a little more freedom, free time, and income


Resources for the new year


Weekly planner printable

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