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Would you consider yourself a boss babe? Or a homemaker? Maybe both? Well in this episode of the Every Successful Rancher podcast, I am going deep into both of these concepts. We discuss where you might be finding yourself, the toxic culture that comes with it, plus whether or not it’s possible to achieve balance in the midst of being both. I’m excited to dive into all the details with you!


Am I a Boss Babe or Homemaker?

I grew up with two working parents. And frankly, so did everyone else I knew. The idea of a stay at home mom was somewhat foreign to me, but I felt called to it anyway. From a young age I have always been ambitious. About just about everything. Between me and my brother, I was the dreamer. The one always chasing something. And once I got the idea in my head of wanting to become financially independent and start my own business, there was no stopping me. To me, that was the only way I was going to become a stay at home mom. So much in fact that my inner feminist came out and I was determined to be the reason I could stay home. The irony right?

However, after marriage changes you, and I slowly let down my guard of thinking I had to do it all on my own. My husband, came from a very different lifestyle. His mom was a stay at home mom and so were most of his friends mothers. So when I brought up the idea to him that it was also my goal to be a SAHM, there was never any question from him. We didn’t know how we would make it work, but we just knew we would by the grace of God.

Being a quote on quote boss babe or homemaker both come with a set of challenges. Individually but also together. Personally I have had to scale way back in my business to be able to focus more time on my growing family. At first, this wasn’t easy. But as time has gone on I have found a lot of peace and contentment with this decision. Trusting that somehow and someway, I would manage financially. My husband has taken on the role of our sole financial provider, with any income I make just being an extra help.

I have a lot of frustration over the societal expectations and double standards placed on women in relationships, specifically marriages. Particularly those where the man is the breadwinner. Nothing grinds my gears more than the fear-mongering that discourages women from relying on their husbands and looking to them as leaders of the family. A goal of mine on this platform is to add a shift in perspective to normalize dependency and trust in our life partners.


MLM’s and Boss Babe Culture


Now is where we dive into the controversy of MLM’s and boss babe culture. Not saying this only happens within this industry, but it’s definitely something that happens a lot. In MLM’s there is a lot of overuse and misleading nature of the term “boss babe” in the context of Multi-Level Marketing companies. The industry as a whole tends to prey on vulnerable women and promise unrealistic financial and time freedom.The success rate in all MLMs is less than 1%. The focus in these companies is not just on selling products, but also on recruiting others to join the team. That’s where they make most of their money.

Now if these industries actually had a good success rate and people actually made money in them, I wouldn’t be so bothered by them. But it’s the toxic positivity and using buzz words like “boss babe” or “be a product of the product” and “you need to work harder, etc etc” that drive me up a wall. Because the fact of the matter is, these companies are set up for you to fail and lose money. But when you do, you are blamed as the reason for it. They tell you that if you just hustled harder, you wouldn’t be in this position.

What if instead of joining these kinds of companies, we actually encouraged true entrepreneurship and starting actual businesses? Things you have full control over? You set your own prices, make your own schedule, and decide how everything is going to run? You can find success as a business owner without having to work 24/7 and while on vacation. Now excuse me while I step off my soap box.


Can you be “both” a Boss Babe and Homemaker in this Society?


It’s possible to be both a homemaker and a boss babe (I know, I hate that word too)… in today’s society. I absolutely reject the idea that women need to choose between having a family and a successful career. Women can do both. And find success in both. After all, the word success means something different to everyone. It should not be solely about wealth and earning a certain income, but rather about having more time to enjoy life with family and hobbies. Consider your priorities and question the motivations behind your financial goals if all you are chasing after is a dollar sign.


Tips For Finding Your Happy Medium


If you are searching for balance in the midst of growing a family, and being a business owner, good luck. Balance is such a lie to me, and it’s very unrealistic. As I have stepped into my own world and experiences as a mother and business owner, I have come to find out the challenges of finding this happy medium in my life. My day to day routine usually looks like waking up early and squeezing work in during their son’s nap time. And the rest of the day is just spent doing household chores, and chasing around my very busy toddler.

Instead of searching for balance, what would happen if you instead were in pursuit of grace? Having the heart to be present in the moment and find joy in the chaos. Something that has really helped me in this area is leaning into the word and onto the Lord. The days I spend even just a few minutes with him are my best days without a doubt.

I also want to express how important it is to ask for help when needed. You are not a robot and you cannot do it all. Trust me, I am preaching to the choir on this one, but please know that you are going to need help from time to time. Maybe that will look like scaling back, or outsourcing. But the more you put on your plate, the worse you are going to feel. Never be afraid to ask someone to help you when it’s needed or before it’s too late.


In Conclusion


Yes, it’s possible to be both the homemaker and the boss babe. You can run a successful business while also managing a household. But the key takeaway from this episode is that you cannot do it all alone, and sometimes it will be harder than others. Have grace for those moments, and never let yourself fall for the societal pressures that you aren’t doing enough or need to be doing more! 













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