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A few weeks ago I asked listeners to send in their business horror stories that they have either experienced personally or have encountered with their own businesses. These stories blew my mind and are so eye opening, kinda funny, and a reality check that we are all not perfect. We all make mistakes and we come out better business people because of it. 

Now before anyone asks, please know that I am not going to be sharing any of my own stories for the sake of not trying to call anyone out. All the stories I am sharing today are going to be completely anonymous from both sides of it including the business owners and the customers. 

Please do not go on Instagram and beg me to share my stories… because I will not.

My Embarrassing Stories

Story #1

However, just for your own entertainment, I will share a few funny moments that have happened to me over the years as a wedding photographer.

Both stories took place when I was in the middle of taking the wedding party photos. The first one I was focusing on the bride and bridesmaids and I had them all lined up doing their bridal formals where the ceremony was going to be. And they actually had these little stakes in the ground with small sting run along them so that the bridesmaids would essentially just line up against the string so they would all be in a straight line for photos.

Now I had a few thoughts when I first saw this, one being that it was actually really smart to keep everyone in line and in the right position on both sides, but I also thought, someone is totally going to trip on that. 

Little did I know, that person would be me. So there we are taking these photos, and I walked up to a bridesmaid to adjust her flowers or dress or something and as I was backing up my foot completely got stuck under the string and down I went, cameras and all. 

Luckily everything was okay, all my gear was fine but I think I turned 50 shades of red. I was super embarrassed and brushed it off with an awkward laugh and went about my day. 

Story #2

The second story was also when I was focusing on the bride and bridesmaids, and all the groomsmen were kinda off to the side behind me waiting for their turn. Well I was wearing these black jeans that apparently did not stay up on my hips very well because I went to go fluff the brides dress out and when I squatted down, I guess the whole tail end of my underwear was sticking out of my pants. And all the groomsmen saw it and of course had to comment on it. 

I was mortified. We all had a good chuckle and I tried to not die of embarrassment and we went on with the day.

Where To Hear The Rest

Okay, now that you have heard my moments where I was mortified, I cannot wait for you to hear the rest! Click the sound bar above to listen or click here to listen episode 017 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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