How To Edit A Wedding In Less Than 2 Weeks


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by sarah elrod

Want to learn how to edit a wedding in less than 2 weeks? Editing weddings can take a lot of time. And when you have multiple of them sitting in your lineup it can be extremely overwhelming. Burn out takes over and pretty soon you are hitting your deadlines on the dot from procrastinating. 

I get it, because I have been there too! I’m going to show you exactly how I am able to edit an entire wedding from start to finish in two weeks or less, and you can too!

It’s not rocket science, all you need is a little self discipline and a lot of coffee! HA!

My Process On How To Edit A Wedding In Less Than 2 Weeks:

  • Day 1 –  Photograph the wedding & come home to backup your images on hard drives.
  • Day 2-  Cull your images, make a Lightroom catalog and edit sneaks peeks
  • Day 3 – Upload the culled images into the Lightroom catalog and categorize them
  • Day 4 – Edit your least favorite part of the day first (Mine is the Reception)
  • Day 5 – Edit your second least favorite part of the day (This is the family formals & ceremony for me)
  • Day 6 – Edit getting ready photos
  • Day 7 – Edit details
  • Day 8 – Edit bride and groom formals last (or your most favorite part of the day)
  • Day 9 – Go through all of my edits and confirm they are good to go
  • Day 10 – Upload the final images into my online gallery delivery system (I use Pic-Time)
  • Day 11 – Post the images on your blog
  • Day 12 – *Free Day*
  • Day 13 – *Free Day*
  • Day 14 – Deliver the gallery!

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