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Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business but you can’t afford to outsource anything yet? In this post I am walking you through 4 ways you can simplify your methods, take things off your plate, and reduce stress all without having to outsource a single thing.

1. Batch Working

If you are the type of person who wakes up every day and stares at their phone for 20-30 minutes having not a single clue on what to post, you feel uninspired and pressured to bring value but all you end up doing is feeling totally overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do next, then batch working is for you.

Batch working is choosing a certain amount of time to create all of your upcoming content at once. 

With Instagram, for example, you can pick one day every single week to pre write out all of your captions, photos and hashtags for the next 7 days. This is also great for things like Instagram Reels or IGTV videos. Reels are great because you can actually draft all of your videos within the app so you don’t need to use a 3rd party platform to schedule out your content. 

If you use 3rd party apps like UNUM, PLANN, Or Planoly to plan your content in Instagram, it’s important to note that while it is perfectly okay to use these apps to plan out your feed visually, you do not want to post to Instagram from one of these other platforms. The Instagram algorithm does not like 3rd party apps, so it’s best if you post in real time.

Time batching is an important skill to learn if you can’t afford to outsource because it is going to allow you to work in excellence, be more productive, and get more done throughout the day instead of having to pause right then and there to write out a caption.

2. Create Templates

Building out templates in your business is another way to save you a lot of time if you can’t afford to outsource. Templates can be used for captions, emails, blog posts, Instagram DM messages, and Instagram story templates. 

Templates are great for responses to clients because you could have a pre written email answering all the questions you constantly are getting asked. Or another option is putting a page on your website with all your FAQ’s too.

My favorite resource for email templates is Honeybook because not only does Honeybook provide you with pre written templates, but it also makes it easy to store them and use them and even automate them.

Whether you use Honeybook or a Google Doc, building out templates is a great way to save time so you can actually get back to do the things you are passionate about in your business. Templates don’t mean that every single email or message needs to be the EXACT same, but it just gives you a really good foundation to start with so that you aren’t having to type out the same exact info over and over again. 

3. Automating Your Process

Automation in your life will help you save time, energy and serve people consistently if you can’t afford to outsource yet.

Business owners fall off the wagon when they realize they need to be posting to Instagram every single day. It’s so frustrating to have to come up with so many captions, images, hashtags, and Lord help me if we forget to post one day and all of a sudden our engagement goes down. Trust me, I get it.

I know it can be totally exhausting but… it’s what we have to do in order to build that like, know and trust factor. 

If the algorithm is frustrating to you, I want you to consider this: stop focusing so much on Instagram and start focusing on the things that don’t require your attention every single day. Things like blogging, a youtube channel, a podcast, an email list are all platforms to which you can create content and schedule it out so it automatically posts for you!  

Automate things from content creation to your client experience. What if every time someone filled out your contact form on your website, they would automatically receive your welcome email & pricing guide??

Well, this is also possible with Honeybook

You create all the email templates, questionnaires, brochures, one time, and then add them into a workflow that can be as automated as you want. 

I also recently started adding in an automation to send a questionnaire after a client project is over asking them to send me a review. This ensures I can build more social proof of my services and check in with clients to see how they felt about their experience even a month or so after we are done. 

4. Prioritize Your Tasks

I want you to consider doing a life audit. Take a deeper look at your life and see what you are able to eliminate or put off to the side for a while to free yourself up. When we have a lot going on we can be distracted or run right past deadlines and so on. If you can’t afford to outsource things in your business then I would highly encourage you to really take some time to look at your priorities.

When you juggle too many things at once, you may be okay for a while but at some point that energy will die off and you will become burnt out, overwhelmed, and exhausted physically and or mentally. 

Try asking for help from others in your life too. If you need your husband to start going to the store for you so you can have extra time to clean the house or work on something else, ask. The people in your life want to help you and they want to support you, and we should never feel ashamed for asking for help.

Another thing to remember is that not everything in your business needs to be 100% perfect. So if you know you need to film 5 upcoming videos but you are low on time and still need to do your hair and makeup and all the things… what would it look like if you just showed up exactly as you are?

The information you put out into the world is so much more important than how you look. When we focus too much on what we look like, how we sound, the quality of the video, etc – we are robbing our audience of the potential they could have gotten if we just put all that other stuff to the side and made the dang video.

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