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Wow 2022, where did you come from? It’s a new year, and for many of you that means new opportunities, a fresh start, or clean slate. But to others, this is just another day. I’ll admit, normally I am not a big fan of new year’s resolutions. They are too easy to fall away from and you end up feeling crummy for not accomplishing your goals.

New Year resolutions have no backbone to them. We tell people to make them but we don’t tell them the ways to actually stick to them.

Goals are just ideas unless they have action behind them. In this post, I am going to be giving you some realistic things I plan to change in this new year for my business and personal life. Which includes basic ideas on how I plan to actually do that.

Some of you will definitely benefit from the things being discussed in this episode. You may just have to mold them around your own life. 

At the bottom of the post I will be referencing a lot of previous episodes/posts I have done that will be helpful resources to look back on.

Alright, now let’s get into the goals!


  • Don’t have client communication via text message
    • This doesn’t apply 100% of the time but as a general rule of thumb
    • Be open and up front with clients on why this is the case
    • Sets a clear, healthy boundary
    • Keeps the relationship professional (have you ever been in an awkward situation where a client starts to feel too much like a friend and then you feel bad for charging them?)
    • My exceptions: brides the week of their wedding
      • any thing before or after must be sent via email
    • If you cannot help but have people text you, treat your texts like emails. Do not open immediately if you are working on something else
  • Only respond during business hours
    • No more late night emails or text messages or DM’s
  • No more second shooting (or no more taking jobs that don’t fill your cup)
    • This is a personal choice, but where I am at in my life and career..second shooting just doesn’t do anything for me anymore
    • This also can go for other things such as taking on any clients that have projects I don’t totally love
    • Not good for either of us because I wouldn’t be pouring my whole heart into something I am not passionate about
  • Create more passive income and/or a scalable business
    • Online course
    • Online store
    • Businesses that don’t involve a personal brand
    • Hiring a team!
    • Affiliate marketing
  • Hit 6 figures!!!!
    • 7-8 streams of income
    • How many i currently have
      • Photography
      • Coaching
      • Affiliate marketing
      • Sponsorships/Collabs
    • $25000 each quarter // $8300 monthly // $277 daily


  • Be more present in my relationships
    • When work is done, work is DONE
    • Have more intentional conversations
    • Ask how I can serve them more effectively
  • Cook new recipes
    • Something I used to really love doing before my business got really busy
    • I want to feed my family well
  • Create a riding/working schedule for the horses
    • Ride more consistently
    • Have goals I am working towards
  • Journal every day / Read the bible everyday
    • Gratitude and prayer journal
    • Get your mind in a good place for the day
  • Get better at printing photos 
    • Print my wedding album
    • Print candid iphone photos throughout the year
  • Go to the gym consistently again
    • Have a gym buddy with similar goals as you
    • Or just take your husband who yells at you until you decide to try harder LOL JK

2022 is going to be a wildly busy year for me, already! There are some exciting things I have in the works both personally but also things that are going to really benefit you as well. 

The most important thing to remember when walking into a new year is that there is always room for grace and that if you slip up from your goals that doesn’t mean you failed. Try again. 

It also doesn’t mean that the only time you can start something new is the new year or Mondays. Making excuses and putting things off is why you may never achieve those things you wanted. 

Start today. Go after those things now. Make a game plan and check things off in smaller bits. 

This is the year you are going to do the things you always hoped for. I can feel it!


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