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If you have ever wanted to know what my daily routine looks like, this is the episode for you. I am bringing you along a journey of what, typically, my days look like most of the time. Of course, every day is different and things do come up. And I am also not a super strict schedule type of person. Hence why this is called a routine, not my schedule.

This episode is not about showing you ALL the things I do as a means of saying “you need to do more” or “if I can do it so can you” because I don’t really believe that.

The purpose of this episode is to:

  • Share a little more about my world here in rural Nevada
  • be transparent about the good days and the hard days
  • For you to take whatever kind of value you see fit from it

Working From Home With An 8 Month Old

Working from home with an almost 9 month old baby has presented itself as quite the challenge. Honestly, I have cried a lot. There are days where I am so stressed out feeling all the imposter syndrome. I have wondered what the heck my purpose is about 100 times. Not to mention the 500 other emotions that run through my body in a single day.

I also feel like I need to be clear that I used to be a very structured person. Living for routines and consistency. Now? I am in survival mode.

So when you listen to this, whether you think I do too much or not enough, just do yourself a favor and do not compare your life to mine. We are all walking very different paths.

Instead ask yourself:

  • What does your current season look like? Are you in a transition, and need grace? Are you in a place where you have opportunity to hustle and grind out work? What kind of boundaries do you need to set or yourself in this phase of life?
  • What do you want to implement more of and less of in YOUR life?
    • family time
    • routines
    • what are your priorities right now?
  • My new reality 9 months in:
    • nothing is fast
    • I have let go of a lot
    • my mindset is better than it was in the beginning
    • Stetson is crawling now and very busy
    • Talking of another baby

5:30am – Wake Up And Begin My Daily Routine For The Morning

  • Make Tyler’s breakfast and lunch + smoothie
  • get him out the door by 6:30 ish

6:30-7:30am – Devotional / Quiet Time

  • Bible study
  • sometimes just scrolling on my phone


  • Get myself ready
  • Feed horses

8-8:30am – Stetson Wakes Up

  • Bottle
  • Scroll on my phone or read emails / respond to comments


  • Stetson plays
  • Start my work day
    • emails
    • any small to do’s


  • breakfast for both of us, usually eggs


  • Light work
    • tasks I can do that noise won’t be a distraction
    • Stetson plays


  • Stetson goes down for his first nap (2 hours after waking up)

11am – 12pm

  • Deep work while Stetson sleeps
    • record podcasts / videos / meetings

12pm – Lunch

  • Stetson is up and I feed us both something for lunch

12:30 – 2:30pm

  • Light work
  • House work
  • Stetson plays
  • Sometimes we go outside and I dont work at all


  • Stetson goes down for a nap

3pm – 4:30pm

  • More deep work if I am feeling good
  • Sometimes my afternoon slump kicks in and I need to do something else so I do laundry or even just go work in a different room with fresh air


  • Start getting ready for dinner
  • Stetson gets fussy in this time frame so I am usually all hands on with him


  • Tyler comes come
  • Dinner
  • He gets time with Stetson

7:30-8pm – Stetson goes to bed


  • watch a show or movie with Tyler
  • work from the couch

9pm – We go to bed

  • I am usually wired until about 10pm but I prioritize going to bed togther
  • Tyler falls asleep first
  • I sometimes go right to sleep, sometimes I scroll my phone (I know its bad)








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