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Today I am going to teach you how to make your very first email funnel using Flodesk. I know, it’s the sexiest topic ever, right? BUT hear me out! This is something I used to talk about doing but until recently I never really saw the power in it. I wish I would have spent the time to master an email funnel a long time ago because since doing so, my business has generated more passive income than ever before.

Let me be frank. I don’t think I am a great sales person. I’m not going to teach you some fancy sales lingo that has the perfect swipe copy for what to say to get someone to buy from you. So if that’s what you are here for you might as well click off now…

However, I can tell you one thing based on my many years in business. Most of my sales & clients come from showing up constantly and building solid relationship foundations. The more I am checking in with people and providing them with quality content for FREE, the more likely those people are to trust me. Eventually paying me for what I know or do. The same is true for you too!

And the BEST part about all of this? It can be done automatically! Yes, you will have to put in the work up front, but once you are done, you can literally rest your head on your pillow at night knowing your audience is being served and you are making money without having to do a darn thing.


What is a funnel?


I have said the word email funnel several times now, but do you even know what I am talking about? Allow me to explain in the most basic terms.

A funnel is how you are going to get someone from point A to point B. The point A being “a stranger” and the point B being “a paying client or customer”. We call it a funnel is because at the top of the funnel is the widest part where you have a whole bunch of people. But as they begin to move down the funnel, you are going to lose some people and the crowd you are speaking to will get smaller and smaller. This is a GOOD thing! Why? Because you will be able to know that the smaller group at the bottom of the funnel are the ones who are ALL IN on your product or service. They are the ones who are going to buy whatever it is you have to offer.


Basic steps of a funnel


  1. Create a freebie or some kind of offer for people to join
  2. Create a landing page for them to sign up to receive your freebie (this is the sign up form where they input their name and email)
  3. Have a workflow in place so that once they submit their information, an email is automatically sent to them that delivers the freebie
  4. From there, you can have the automated workflow kick them into your nurture sequence. This is FREE value to butter them up. This can be a few days long, a few weeks or even a few months. My golden rule would be to make it at least 2 weeks long if you are sending multiple emails per week. If you are only sending 1 email per week, make the nurture sequence a few months long. Remember: this is a marathon, not a sprint!
  5. After they complete the nurture sequence that serves them FREE value (value inside this funnel should be on the same topic as the freebie you made AND also make sense for the paid offer you are leading them to) you can put them into your sales funnel. This is where you are going to send emails that are a little more direct about purchasing your offer. How does it help them? What problems will it solve? Answer their questions, etc…


If you want to see how this plays out in real time, I would encourage you to get inside of my Social Herd email funnel. You don’t have to actually buy anything but you will see how I nurture my audience and leads and eventually sell to them via automated emails.


How to create an automatic funnel inside of Flodesk


Flodesk is by far my favorite email marketing platform to use. It’s easy, customizable, and many other things! As stated before, the first thing you need to do is create the opt in. Whatever freebie you want!

If you are a photographer, maybe it’s a wedding day timeline template. Or if you are a health coach, maybe it’s 5 meal ideas for during the week. You’re a homesteader? Maybe it’s tips for starting a garden. Literally, it can be anything. You just want it to have value and give a quick win for whoever signs up for it.

Once you do that, open up Flodesk and go to the “audience” tab at the top. This is where you will create segments to categorize the people on your list. I create a segment for every freebie I have so I know exactly where someone came from. This tells me what is working and what is not.

Then you are going to head to the “workflow” tab. Hit “create new workflow”.

From there you just need to let Flodesk know when to begin that workflow. This will be when they enter the segment of your choice. Again, I have a segment for the Freebie they opted in for AND a segment for anyone that goes into the nurture sequence.

And that’s really it when it comes to the format of your workflow and funnel! From there you just need to write up your emails and hit publish! And voila! Your automated funnel is completed and you can take your potential customers on whatever type of journey you please!




Creating an automated email funnel is a lot easier than you might think. It just takes some time to put all the pieces together. But once you do, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic that’s coming!















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